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Cloudpap Server Backup

A server is a program or a computer that provides functionality of other programs or computers.

Cloudpap offers server backup license that help in automation of your dedicated server backups. Your server backups couldn’t be easier with Cloudpap.

This backup solution allows the user to select the storage location of their preference i.e. Cloud backups, Network backups, locally within the server in a secondary drive, or a combination of these options for additional layer of security

Cloudpap allows backup schedules or you could let them happen with event triggers. The possible schedules include: 30 minutes, hourly, daily, twice a day, weekly or monthly backups.

This solution brilliantly performs the backup operations without compromising the server’s functionality.

The objective of Cloudpap server backup is to save your data without errors or corruption in a way that minimizes storage space. The two methods of backups that Cloudpap server backup allows are:

  1. Full Backups

Full back up is where a copy of all the files is stored according to a pre-set schedule. The files are compressed to save space.

Full back up allow restoration with ease, you only require the file name, location, and date from which to restore the data. Restoration is straight forward as long as the backup files from that date or time are reliable.

  1. Incremental backups

Incremental backup is the strategy of keeping a copy of only the files that have been created or changed since the last backup.

This method saves more space and uses less network bandwidth since the volume of data backed up at each iteration is much smaller.

Here, each source file must be compared with the last full backup as well as the incremental iterations to determine whether data is new or changed- this increases computing overhead. Also, it is more complex to locate a specific file to restore as it may require searching several iterations.


Cloudpap provide high quality server backup and recovery solution at cheaper prices. The charges cater for automated backup license, storage, recovery and even more options.