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Acronis Backup Software – Acronis True image

Cloudpap is one of the leading Acronis partner globally. Providing custom cloud backup and restore solutions to clients globally. In this article, we look at Acronis Backup Software and in particular Acronis TrueImage 2020 that has just been released.  Retailing at Acronis Website at $49.99

What you need to Know about Acronis Backup Software: Acronis True image 2020


It’s a Complete Cyber Protection

Acronis True Image 2020 combines award winning anti-malware technology, cyber security algorithms to protect and safeguard all of you data, software, devices and other systems


Advance Backup and Recovery Technology.

Acronis deploys Mirror Imaging, Disk Cloning then All-in-one recovery drives Technology while backing up and recovering your data. This increases reliability of backup and recovery solutions for your devices.


Anywhere Access – Power of Web Management Console

The web management console provides a powerful access to files in the cloud backup from anywhere anytime on any of your devices. The management console allow management of backup remotely including initiating backup, removing backup, changing backup settings. The Backup Management Portal also allow file sync and file sharing in a click.


Technology Edge – Blockchain and AI

Acronis is known to be the first technology to tap Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in a backup solution. This allowed Acronis to provide data notarizations, Anti-Ransomware, stop cryptojacking in realtime.


Automated Dual Storage

Imagine a backup software capable of backing up your data locally and at the same time replicating your data in the cloud ensuring all your data has an off-site version for recovery just in case you need it.


Push Notification

Acronis Backup Software effectively pushes warning and important messages to the desktop tray of your computer to keep you up to date with the status of backups and any restore or recovery activities.



Custom Power Management

This is an important feature for laptop backup users. Acronis Backup Software allow blocking backup from running when on battery power.

It further allow blocking or specifying power levels under which the backup service may run.


Back Up on Select Wi-Fi

This feature is important for data security and connection management.

It may be less secure to run backup on Public Wi-Fi and therefore Acronis Backup Software allow selecting of Secure Wi-Fi that it can run the backup on.

Imagine a situation when on metered connections such as mobile data or In-flight Wi-Fi, Acronis Backup Software will not run unless authorized to run on that connection.


Improved Cloud Restores

We have tested Acronis Backup Software to have the fastest Data Restore of the Backup Software.


Fastest Cloud Backups

We have tested Acronis Backup Software and we can rate it to have the fastest cloud backup time compared with competing software.


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