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Android Backup and Restore

Android just like other operating platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacBook require users to have a reliable backup and restore software application.

Android just like MacOS has inbuilt backup and restore functionality. While Apple provides iCloud and for data backup and restore capabilities with IPhone and MacBook, it’s a limited solution and can get expensive for bulk users.

As for Android, Google Drive provides the default backup and restore software on Android Devices – it is expensive for bulk users and that has led to emergence of alternatives.

Cloudpap provides reliable backup and restore solution for Android Devices. Cloudpap is powered by Acronis Technology and hybrid cloud storage.

Android devices can be protected at from $3 per month – this package comes with 100GB of secure cloud storage

Features of Cloudpap Android Backup and Restore Service

  • Seamless Phone Storage Increase
  • Backup Valuable and restore Photos n Files fast
  • Encrypt your Data Storage
  • Format Phone without Data Loss
  • Seamless data transfer from one phone to another
  • Data Transfer to and from IPhone
  • 100GB Cloud Storage