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Are Minecraft Servers Cross Platform

Are Minecraft Servers Cross Platform?

One question echoes through the pixelated valleys: “Are Minecraft servers cross-platform?” 

However, do not worry fellow block builders, for in this whimsical blog post, we shall delve into the realms of cross-play, discovering how Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players can unite and conquer the virtual landscapes together. 

Get ready to explore the magical bridges that connect these two realms and uncover the secrets of cross-platform Minecraft servers!

Cross-Platform Minecraft Servers

Yes, it’s true – Minecraft servers can be cross-platform wonders, like enchanted items that bridge the gap between realms. 

Cross-platform servers are specially modified Minecraft Java Edition servers that welcome Bedrock Edition players with open arms. 

The Bedrock Edition, available on various devices like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile devices, and more, can join forces with Java Edition players on these specially crafted servers. 

Imagine Bedrock and Java players dancing together in perfect harmony, creating epic stories that traverse the boundaries of devices and operating systems!

How to Join a Cross-Platform Minecraft Server: Uniting the Clans

Joining a cross-platform Minecraft server is as exhilarating as finding a rare diamond ore. Follow these steps to experience the magic of cross-play:

1. Find a Cross-Platform Server

Seek the elusive cross-platform servers by exploring websites that offer server lists. There, you’ll find a treasure trove of places where Bedrock and Java players unite for endless adventures.

2. Ensure the Correct Minecraft Version

Like the right combination of enchantments on your gear, make sure you have the correct version of Minecraft. Bedrock Edition players should ensure they’re using the same edition as the cross-platform server, or the magic of cross-play won’t work its wonders.

3. Add the Server IP Address

Unlock the door to the cross-platform realm by adding the server’s IP address. Fear not, for most servers utilize plugins like ViaVersion, saving you from running the same version as your friends.

4. Join the Server

With a hint of anticipation, click on the server name and select “Join Server.” As the loading screen disappears, you’ll find yourself transported to a world where Bedrock and Java players are comrades in arms.

5. Play with Friends on Multiple Platforms

Embrace the enchantment of cross-play as you revel in the joy of playing with friends across different devices. With Bedrock and Java players united, the possibilities are as endless as the worlds you explore!

Multiple Paths to Cross-Play

For Minecraft Java Edition players, there are multiple ways to venture into the realm of cross-play:

1. Public Servers or Private Worlds

Like choosing between enchanted armor and rare loot, you can either join public cross-platform servers or create your own private world. Invite friends using the server IP and embark on shared adventures.

2. Minecraft Realms – A Mojang-Hosted Haven

While it might cost you a few shiny emeralds, Minecraft Realms offers a Mojang-hosted multiplayer server for you and your friends. It’s like renting a cozy inn in the vast world of cross-play.

3. Embrace Local Area Network (LAN) Fun

Gather your comrades and revel in the camaraderie of a local area network. Sharing the same Wi-Fi network allows you to embark on grand adventures together like knights on a quest.

Popular Cross-Platform Minecraft Servers: Uniting Players Across Realms

In the vast world of Minecraft, some servers stand out as shining beacons of cross-platform unity. Let’s venture forth and discover these beloved realms:

1. Hypixel: A Multiverse of Adventures

Hypixel: A Multiverse of Adventures

Ah, Hypixel – a world brimming with possibilities! This beloved Minecraft server boasts a multiverse of game modes, from thrilling survival challenges to imaginative creativity and PvP mayhem. On Hypixel, players from different platforms gather as one, battling side by side and crafting memories that last a lifetime.

2. Mineplex: Where Games Unite

Mineplex: Where Games Unite

Join the festivities on Mineplex, a bustling server that celebrates unity through a myriad of game modes. Whether you hunger for the thrill of Hunger Games, delight in the chaos of Spleef, or soar to new heights in Skywars, Mineplex is where it all happens. From PCs to consoles and beyond, all are welcome to revel in the excitement of this cross-platform realm.

3. The Hive: A Battleground of PvP Prowess

The Hive: A Battleground of PvP Prowess

In the heart of Minecraft’s cross-platform universe lies The Hive, a server dedicated to PvP enthusiasts. Here, warriors from all corners of the gaming realm gather to test their mettle in epic player versus player battles. No matter the platform, victory and camaraderie await in this thrilling cross-platform arena.

4. Aternos: Your Gateway to Cross-Platform Hosting

Aternos: Your Gateway to Cross-Platform Hosting

For those seeking the freedom to create their own cross-platform server, Aternos is the beacon of light. As a free Minecraft server hosting service, Aternos invites players to forge their realms where platforms blend harmoniously. Shape your adventure, gather friends from various realms, and embark on a cross-platform journey of your own making.

Explore these magical servers and let the enchantment of cross-play bring your adventures to new heights!

Minecraft Java Edition vs. Bedrock Edition: the Differences

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition may exist in the same blocky universe, but they have their own unique qualities, like distinct enchantments on a powerful sword. 

Let’s explore the key differences between the two:

Minecraft Java Edition: The Master of PCs

  • Available exclusively on PCs, like a king ruling his castle.
  • Allows the use of mods and mod loading programs, providing a realm of endless customization.
  • Employs the Anvil format for world storage, a foundation as sturdy as diamond.
  • Embraces the freedom to download or create custom skins for unique player identities.
  • Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring a vast empire of players.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: The Unifier of Platforms

  • Cross-platform beauty, available on nine different platforms like a celestial star illuminating the sky.
  • Uses add-on files in .MCpack format for modding, offering a different path to enchantment.
  • Utilizes the LevelDB format for world storage, a secret to its smooth performance.
  • Designed for smoother gameplay and stability on lower-end devices, like a gentle breeze in the blocky realm.
  • Boasts faster load times and a smoother frame rate, adding a touch of finesse to every adventure.
  • Offers moderation and parental controls, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.


As we bid farewell to our enchanting journey through cross-platform Minecraft servers, let’s remember that unity knows no boundaries. 

The magic of cross-play allows Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players to come together, crafting unforgettable memories in the boundless world of blocks. 

So, whether you’re exploring the wonders of a cross-platform server or diving into the distinct realms of Java and Bedrock Editions, always remember that the joy of Minecraft lies not only in the game but in the friendships forged along the way. 

Unite your clans, brave adventurers, and may your cross-platform journeys be as epic as the Ender Dragon’s final battle!