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Backup and Restore Software

Backup refer to copying of data and files and storing safely them in an alternative location.

There are 3 major types of backup including

  1. Incremental backup
  2. Archival non compressed backup
  3. Archival compressed backup

Each of these type of backup support 3 locations types. Locations could be:

  • Local Storage
  • Network Storage
  • Cloud Storage

Local Storage

Refer to storing of the backup data and files within the same device being protected using backup. It usually involves creating a dedicated folder in a different partition of the hard disk to specifically store the backup files.

This can be very important in small backups of Personal computers or when you need to backup just selective folders within a server of computer.

For Example, backing up the Drive D of your personal computer Drive C to Drive D to store backups.

It is always recommended to store backup in a different Drive with the Drive you are backing up.


Network Storage

Refer to storing of backup data and files on a network attached drive, NFS folder, shared folder, a computer within the network.

It is applicable for both small and large backups but there has to be a Network in place, either private or public network (internet).

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to storing of files and backup data on private cloud or public cloud. There are several examples of cloud storage such as object storage, – popular object storage services include S3 by Amazon, S3 compliant services by many other providers, OpenStack Swift, Ceph, among others.


What is Incremental Backup?

Refer to a backup type that involves copying and storing files as they are without any form of compression, incremental backup just as the name indicate backups the first full backup then backup only updates in incremental backup, if data does not change there is no backup.

This is the fastest backup type as the subsequent only stores the updates and stores them in uncompressed format.


What is Archival non compressed backup..?

Refer to a backup type that involve copying and storing files just as there are without compression. Files are stored as they are on every backup schedule.

This is usually fast as no time is taken to compress files. However, it is storage intensive as it stores files as they are without compression.


What is Archival compressed backup..?

Refer to a backup type that basically zip and compress files and data being backed up and store them in compressed folders.

There several types of compression algorithms, all with different efficiencies common ones include gzip, tar, zip among others

Archival compressed backup is storage economical and uses less storage space compared with non-compressed.

Archival compressed backup is processor intensive especially while zipping the files and folders.

Archival compressed backup is one of the safest backup since zipped folders are extra protected from virus and malware.