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Backup and Sync Solutions

Sync is the short form of Synchronize, Synchronize refer to keeping two storage devices or resource in time and state. Having similar qualities or properties. Synchronizing the phone with an online storage refer to storing a copy of all files on the phone to the online storage and updating whenever there is change in one of the  location.

Synchronization aka Sync is most important in collaboration platforms where every storage resource require the lasted copy of the data.

Most sync systems supports version control, which allow restore to a previous historical point on the data stored.

Backup refer to the safe storage of data to a device or a storage resource. Some services combine the two backup and Sync to serve business cases better and uses cases that require backup and sync.

Most popular Backup and Sync Services include:

  • Cloudpap Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • com

Cloudpap Drive

Based on Acronis Technology, allow users to share files, edit files, create files and delete files with realtime update to everyone in the sync or service. Cloudpap Drive pricing is based on number of users and storage capacities consumed.


Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive was formerly known SkyDrive, Live Folders is a file backup, file hosting and file sync service offered by Microsoft Cloud Services. It allow share of files, folders, and synchronization across multiple devices Android, Windows, IOS computers and phones.

OneDrive offers 5GB free of charge to any user and 50GB, 1TB and 5TB cloud storage as a separate service or as part of Office 365 subscription.


Google Drive

A Google service providing file storage, file hosting and file synchronization. Google Drive offers sharing and collaborative feature through Google Drive either separately or as part of Gsuite Service that includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides among other resources.

Google Drive has offline capabilities through offline apps available on Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS.

Checkout the 100GB, 200GB, 2 TB, 10TB, 20TB and 30TB available

*upto 5TB uploads can be supported. is a Canadian service that provides similar service to Google Drive and allow users to share and collaborate across multiple devices such as computers, phones using apps.

Checkout the 3TB single user package and other team packages such as Teams and Enterprise packages

It would be extremely unfair to close this article without mentioning which was one of the first backup and Sync service and one of the most successful.

Offers 2GB Free account to any user and commercially offer 2TB of Dropbox plus at $9.99 per month and 3TB Dropbox Professional at $16.58 per month