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Backup Windows and Linux server data

How do you backup your server?

Are you running a Linux server? Do you backup your Linux server..?

Are your running a Windows Server? Do you backup data on your Windows Server..?

How easy can you retrieve your backup and restore them..?

How safe are your backup files on external drive or the secondary drive or is it a network PC or Network attached drive , is it really safe from Ransomware..?

Do you run different software for your Linux server and another for your windows server..?

Cloudpap has cross platform secure backup solution for all your servers. Cloudpap Server Backup can backup Linux and Windows Server. The solution comes with a web portal to monitor and manage your backup servers.

Cloudpap Server Backup is safe from Virus and Ransomware Attack. In case you server is attacked by Ransomware, just format and restore from Cloudpap.

Cloudpap Server Backup has military grade security, allow data encryption at source, in transit and on destination.

Data encryption is based on AES/128/256 encryption technology.

Cloudpap Backup Server allow scheduling of backup activities as per your preference, backup run without failure.

All backup activities are logged for ease of monitoring.

Cloudpap Backup Server has the fastest data backup and data restore timeline in the market.

Safe guard your Server with Cloudpap Server Backup Solution