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Backup Your Way With Cloudpap Cloud Services

Cloudpap Got You Covered. whatever Type of Device You Got

Cloudpap offers you personal backup for your windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Dedicated servers, Virtual Machines and CCTV cameras.

Windows and Mac computers.

Android and iOS mobiles.

Dedicated servers and Virtual Machines

CCTV cameras.

Backing up is the act of keeping a copy of your data in a different location, so that incase data loss events occur, you can retrieve if back from your backup solution.

There are many ways to back up your data, among them being:

Secondary storage devices i.e hard drives, flash disks etc.

Application backup.

Offsite backup among many other.

Cloudpap offers two types of backup

  1. Online storage backup
  2. Application backup

Online Storage Backup

This is a strategy of backing up data that involves sending your critical data out of the main location for the protection.

Storing your data out of the main site (location) is important to you in that in case something went wrong i.e. your location was on fire and everything you had got consumed by the fire, you can retrieve your data which you had sent to a different location.

This will help you to get back to your position easily as opposed to if you had stored your data in the same place.

Storing your data with Cloudpap online storage gives you the guarantee of total protection to your data.

Here, you do not need an application, all you require is the access to our online storage and you can then upload your data.

This platform allows you to share your data with other people that you may want, allow or deny editing and also limit the period with which they can have access to the data-doesn’t this sound awesome?

Application Backup.

Cloudpap offers automated backup license to the devices which you subscribe for. With this, you only need to schedule your backups- depending on the time you would like your backups to be taking place.

Once that is done, you can forget it, and check later for the results. We are faithful to back up your data without having to interrupt your activities or even having to ask for your permission again. Once you give us the initial order, we follow. Your order be our command.

This saves you the hassle of having to do your backups manually. Here we give you the option to choose where to store your data. To the cloud, or locally. The combination of these two options adds a layer of protection to your data. Protection on top of protection. # Double protection.