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Benefits Of Cloudpap website Live Backup

Fast, Secure and Reliable Website Backup

Website live backup is the act of storing a copy of your webpages, databases, files and emails to be used later to restore the data in case of data loss disaster.

Features Of Cloudpap website Backup Solution


Once you have scheduled the backup, the process is automated.


Our backup solution allows you to schedule your backup daily.

It allows incremental backup which provide a safer method of backing up.

Account filters

This backup solution allows you to specify what you would like included or excluded in your backup, such as databases, files.


This backup solution allows instant restoration of your backed up data.

You can do partial or full restoration. i.e if you had backed up databases, webpages and emails, you can restore one product or all.

Benefits of this backup solution

Reliability– we offer safety backups for your website data.

Scalability– we offer multiple backup jobs with multiple backup schedules. Basically we give you power to manage your backup the way you want.

Affordable costs– our website backup solutions are cheap and fast.

Get Website live backup at KES 300/month