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Best Minecraft Server Hosting

What Are The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Platforms

Let’s share the best Minecraft server hosting platforms you can use. Now elevate your gaming experience instantly.

Minecraft has become the best online game for many. People get Minecraft servers for a smooth gaming experience.

Minecraft has been praised for its creativity, open-ended gameplay, and modding community. Some critics have considered it to be a defining game of the 2010s.

It has also been the subject of some controversy, such as concerns about its addictive nature and its potential to promote violence.

Here are some of the things that you can do in Minecraft:

  • Build anything you can imagine: Minecraft is a sandbox game, so you can build anything. You can build houses, castles, farms, cities, or even entire worlds.
  • Explore the world: Minecraft is procedurally generated, so there’s always something new to discover. You can explore caves, forests, deserts, and even the Nether.
  • Fight mobs: Minecraft is a survival game, so you’ll need to fight mobs to survive. Mobs can be hostile, like zombies and creepers, or passive, like cows and sheep.
  • Play with friends: Minecraft is a multiplayer game to play with your friends. You can build together, explore together, and even fight together.

Why do you need a Minecraft server hosting platform?

  1. Performance: Platforms provide the resources you need to run a smooth and lag-free server. Important if you have many players or are running a modded server.
  2. Security: A platform will also provide security features to protect your server from unauthorized access. Minecraft’s servers can be a target for hackers.
  3. Ease of use: The platform makes setting up and managing your server easy. You won’t need to worry about configuring hardware or software, and you’ll have access to a user-friendly control panel.
  4. Support: A Minecraft server hosting platform will also support you if you require help with your server. It is significant if you run into any problems or questions.
  5. You can play with friends: Minecraft is a multiplayer game, so you can play with your friends on a server that you host. It’s a great way to build a community and have fun together.
  6. You can customize your server: You can customize your server to fit your needs. You can choose the map, the mods, and the rules. It gives you a lot of control over your gaming experience.
  7. You can have a dedicated server: A dedicated server is a server that is only used for Minecraft. You will have the most resources available, and your server will be more stable.

7 Factors to consider when choosing the best Minecraft server hosting platform

  1. Server specs

It is essential to consider the server specifications and resource allocation the hosting platform provides. 

It includes factors such as CPU, RAM, and storage capacity. Pick a hosting platform that offers the features you want.

  1. Security

Your server should be secure from unauthorized access. Ensure your hosting platform has security features like firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

  1. Flexible pricing

Minecraft server hosting prices range from a few dollars to hundreds per month. Decide your budget before shopping around.

Pick a hosting platform with flexible pricing options to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Seamless upgrade

Consider whether the hosting platform allows for seamless upgrades. You can easily upgrade your server resources or switch to a higher-tier plan as your needs grow.

  1. Uptime

 Your server’s uptime is the percentage of time it is online. Choose a hosting platform with a high uptime so your players can always connect to your server.

  1. Performance and reliability

Your server’s performance depends on the number of players, mods, and hosting platform. More players or mods require a more powerful server.

Select a reliable hosting service to ensure your server runs smoothly and is accessible to players without downtime or lag.

  1. Customer support

A good hosting platform provides quick and easy support for your server. Consider the level of customer support provided by the hosting platform. 

Reliable support is essential for server management.

5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Platforms

1. ScalaCube

It’s the most wholly modded Minecraft server host. They offer various options for Minecraft, including Forge, Snapshot, ATLauncher, and FTB.

ScalaCube offers DDoS protection, mod support, an uptime guarantee, seamless upgrades, good performance, and reliability.

Why use ScalaCube?

  • Price- Get started with your Minecraft server for as low as $2!
  • Performance- ScalaCube uses high-performance hardware to ensure smooth server performance, especially for high-player counts or demanding games.
  • Features- ScalaCube offers backups, modpacks, custom plugins, and a free trial to customize your server.
  • Support-  ScalaCube has 24/7 support. Important for questions or issues.
  • Uptime- ScalaCube has high uptime, so your server will be online when needed. It keeps players happy and engaged.

You don’t need to pay extra for Minecraft hosting if you are already a client!

2. Shockbyte

It supports Java and Bedrock game versions, full FTP access, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, and bandwidth.

Also, get high TPS, error-free servers, SSD hard drives, and high-clock-speed CPUs.

Why use Shockbyte?

  • Pricing- offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. Start from as low as  $2.50!
  • Performance- Shockbyte uses high-performance hardware to ensure that your server runs smoothly. It is especially essential for servers with many players or mods.
  • Features- It offers many features, including backups, modpacks, custom plugins, and a free trial. Have the flexibility to customize and optimize your server.
  • Good customer support has good customer support, making getting help with server management easy.
  • Uptime- they guarantee 100% uptime! They keep your server running smoothly and keep players happy.

Visit their page for more!

3. Hostinger

It is known for being the best Minecraft server hosting platform. Its Minecraft hosting server allows gamers to craft video games per their goals and gaming needs. 

A VPS for Minecraft gives gamers more control over server performance, boosting load times and avoiding latency, networking, and blacklisting issues.

Here is why to consider Hostinger:

  •  Pricing- offers a VPS with competitive and affordable pricing for Minecraft hosting plans, starting at $6.99/month.
  • Performance- their VPS delivers the best gaming experience. Your server runs smoothly, and the hardware is reliable.
  • Features- offers DDoS protection, automatic backups, mod support, and more!
  • Technical support- has the best technical support to assist you if you encounter any issues or require help with your Minecraft server.
  • Uptime- their guarantee is 99.9%, meaning your gaming servers will always run smoothly.

Use Hostinger today and enjoy your gaming experience!

4. Apex Hosting

They’ve been in business for a while and boast over 200,000 live Minecraft servers. Try them today for these reasons:

  • Pricing- Apex Hosting offers affordable plans starting at $7.49 per month, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget.
  • Performance- Provide a processor with a high clock speed for smooth server performance. It gives a unique experience for large or modded servers.
  • Features- They have extensive features like backups, modpacks, and custom plugins. Customize your server to your best!
  • 24/7 Servers & Support-They have industry-leading customer service. Live chat support from experts keeps your server always online.
  • Uptime- have a 100% guarantee to run your server smoothly.

Consider this and more from Apex hosting and get the best gaming experience.

5. GTXGaming

It’s a premier host for Minecraft servers. It offers a built-in control panel with functions and features, making it easier to use by the users. 

They have built a good reputation. Now here are some features why to choose them:

  • Pricing- GTXGaming offers affordable plans starting at $6.03/month, making it a great budget option.
  • Performance- provides good server performance with reliable, secure servers to ensure the best gaming experience.
  • Features- get backups, modpacks, custom plugins, and more. Use them to have the best gaming as you customize your server.
  • Support- The team is available 24/7 and can assist you anytime.
  • Their uptime guarantee is 100%.

Try GTXGaming today and experience the best Minecraft server hosting experience.

Summing up;

These are a few of the best Minecraft server hosting platforms available. Before choosing a platform, ensure you have a good budget list of features needed.

Check on server resources (CPU, RAM, storage), ease of use, control panel, mods allowed, and customer support. 

Some platforms offer free plans, while others require payment. Happy gaming experience!