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CCTV Live backup

CCTV camera system is not enough security especially when the security footages can be accessed on site.

There need to backup CCTV recording as soon as they are recorded. The backup of CCTV recording need to be offsite and secure.

The only fool proof security is offsite backup of the CCTV footage. Cloudpap offers a backup solution that allow offsite cloud storage forCCTV footage. Get started today with Cloudpap CCTV cloud backup to guarantee security of the CCTV Camera System. Cloudpap Backup has the following qualities:

  • Web portal for Backup Management
  • AES128/ AES 256 Encryption
  • Anti Ransomware / safe from ransomware attacks
  • Data encryption at Source, in transit and in storage
  • Audit Trail of all activities and access
  • Compressed back up and Incremental backup option
  • Scheduled and event triggered back up options
  • 3 Storage location options – cloud, Network device, local