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cheap minecraft server hosting

The Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting

Getting cheap Minecraft server hosting is easy; let’s show you how to. Minecraft has become one of the most popular played games.

The gameplay is suitable for all ages. For this reason, they have introduced servers to help everyone enjoy the game.

With a server, one can host a multiplay game. It has improved game performance, reliability, and low latency at a low cost.

What is Minecraft server hosting?

It’s where one sets up an internet platform for Minecraft gaming. This environment is rented and paid for as per agreements.

However, one can get a free trial and set up a plan later. The goal of the server is to allow one to host a game and accommodate different users worldwide.

The game is more reliable, stable, and you can invite many to play. Your hosting capacity depends on your plan.

You have control over this environment and how you set up your games.

How many GB of RAM do I need for the Minecraft server? Your setup will determine RAM. 

Here is a table summarizing this:


Mods and resource packs require more RAM. You should check your server resources before gameplay for the best performance.

What is a good free Minecraft host?

There are many places one can host Minecraft for free. However, none comes to close to Aternos hosting as it’s free forever.

They also offer an easy-to-use environment for gaming. Their servers also are created for gaming and don’t have restrictions.

All the servers have DDOS protection; enjoy gameplay without data breaches. Their support is readily available for assistance.

Aternos is a great choice, with over 87 million users and a million daily users.

How do I choose a Minecraft host?

Before choosing a host, one needs to put in place their gaming requirement! These requirements will serve as a guide. 

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. The version of Minecraft

There are two versions, Java and Bedrock. Java is most common and runs mostly on Windows and Macs. Bedrock is mostly in Android and IOS.

These two can run on the same server. You have to set up two servers to play both which can be costly.

  1. Number of players

Determine the number of players before you choose your host. It helps you find the best server with the right resources for smooth gameplay.

More players = more resources. Servers can be upgraded or downgraded to fit your budget.

  1. Pricing

Choose the best cheap Minecraft server hosting. Have a plan that gives you value for your gaming experience!

You can always start with the plan and then upgrade later.

  1. 24/7 Support

Support is vital with every server setup. Minecraft is no exception; having a good host with reliable support is perfect.

  1. Uptime Guarantee

Find a host that guarantees your server is available anytime. Ensure to game smoothly and affordably!

Top 5 cheap Minecraft server hosting

1. ScalaCube

For as low as $2, have an uninterrupted gaming experience! This server is easy to set up and has low latency.

ScalaCube helps you set up unlimited game servers. Here are other features they provide:

  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Easy setup.
  • Plugin support.

Use ScalaCube and customize your Minecraft to your liking.

2. Minecraft Hosting

A service Minecraft provides for the best gaming experience. Their gaming plans start from as low as $2.40.

On this plan, you get:

  • 24/7 support
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Automatic backups
  • And more.

Hosting your Minecraft game with them, it’s secure. They employ the best measures against DDOS attacks.

It’s a cheap Minecraft server hosting available in Poland, Amsterdam, Dallas, and France.

3. Hostwinds

It’s a popular web and Minecraft hosting platform. They are different as they offer fast SSD and high-quality cores for smooth gaming.

Get a cheap Minecraft server hosting with these features 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth for $ 4.99/month.

 Hostwinds guarantees these:

  • 99.9999% Uptime
  • Enterprise Firewall
  • 1 Gbps Ports

Start using Hostwinds for your Minecraft gaming and have the best experience. Visit their page for more on setting up your gaming environment.

4. Hostinger

It’s a popular web services provider. They also provide cheap Minecraft server hosting for $6.99/month.

This option comes with:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • Automatic Off-Site Backups
  • DDoS Protection

And much more! Signing up today will have you enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Get more on Hostinger here.

5. Apex Hosting

Founded a decade ago, has since served clients worldwide. Their support is readily available to help solve any issues.

They provide top-notch servers at affordable pricing. A server with 2GB RAM will cost you $7.49 the first month and a recurring Price of $9.99/month.

It comes with basic server mod packs and:

  • Unlimited Player Slots.
  • Dedicated Live Chat Support
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full DDoS Protection
  • Automated Backups.

Get value for your money today!

Final words on cheap Minecraft server hosting;

Having value for your money ensures the best gaming experience. These cheap Minecraft server hosting options will help you to game instantly.

Ensure to have your requirements in place before choosing a host. Choose the best that gives you value for your gaming experience.