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Cloud backup and Recovery

Cloud backup and Recovery

Cloudpap provides innovative cross platform cloud backup and recovery solutions. This allows backing up of multiple dissimilar devices on one cloud platform.

Some of the most popular cloud backup and recovery solutions include:

Server Backup and Recovery

Safe guard your server data by employing Cloudpap data backup and recovery. The solution is the most efficient server backup and recovery in the market. It’s billed per server and size of disk storage utilized when cloud storage is the destination.

Local and Network Storage installation are billed per server license only.

Smartphone Backup and Recovery

Safeguard data in your android or Ios smartphone by backing up on cloudpap. The service is billed per device. Smartphone backup and recovery solution allow restoration in the same or a different device.

Work Station Backup and Recovery

Window or MacBook workstation require simple Cloudpap client applications to run backup and recovery services. Cloudpap allow datarestoration in the same source workstation or a different workstation as perthe preference of the user.

It is also applicable when moving from one workstation to another, Cloudpap allow restoration of data in your new work station.

Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

There are multiple types of VMs, all based on the underlying technology. Most popular VMs include

  • VMwareVsphere VMs
  • Xenserver VMs
  • Hyper-V VMs
  • KVM VMs

Cloudpap VM data backup and recovery solutions support all the above VMs and allow backup and cross restoration. A Xen VM can be restoredto a KVM, VMWare, Hyper-V and Xen VM.

MSSQL Backup and Recovery

MSSQL is one of the application backup and recovery supported on Cloudpap. Cloudpap detects MSSQL folder, copies it and back it upfor easy restoration. During recovery, Cloudpap restores MSSQL folder without loss or corruption of data stored in the MSSQL database.

Office 365 Backup and Recovery

Office 365 backup and recovery is supported on Cloudpap. Backup and restoration are charged per seat.

Try out office 365 backup solution and keep your mail box safe.