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Cloudpap Backup versus Traditional Backup

Cloudpap Backup is the strategy of keeping a copy of ones’ computer, phone or server data in an automated way, to use to restore later in case a data loss event occurs.

Traditional Backup is the act of creating a full copy of data where human manual input is a necessity. e.g., when one wants to keep a copy of data in a tape, human effort is needed to copy the files, monitor the process and check whether the process is going on correctly.

Comparing the Backing up Process

Cloudpap Backup offers automated backup solution with very little human intervention which reduces risks and saves time.

Traditional Backup create a greater risk of human error, since manual input is often a necessity.



With traditional Backup, it can be very time consuming to perform checks and tests to make sure the system is functioning correctly.


With Cloudpap Backup, the verification process is easy; backup is automatically created once you have selected what you require backed up. No more guesswork or difficult tests!

Comparing Recovery Times

Traditional Backup can create reliable backups, but it can take a very long time to make a full recovery. In some cases, the process of recovering critical data and getting your business back up and running like usual can take weeks.

Cloudpap backup, on the other hand, greatly minimize downtime. Business can recover from interruptions far more quickly- sometimes within minutes or even seconds.

Data Security

There is reduced data security and protection in traditional backup, e.g. Data backup tapes are built using magnetic media. Magnetic media is extremely susceptible to corruption and exposure. With backup tapes, the data is usually saved to the magnetic media and then exposure, a fingerprint, getting too close to a magnetized area, or any of several other things occur and the data on the tape becomes unusable, and you don’t ever know it, or at least not until you try to restore and find it isn’t there.

Cloudpap backup solution uses Artificial Intelligence-based defense to protect your data against malicious activities. It performs End-to-End encryption to your files to ensure there is privacy of your data. Our solution also detects, stops and even automatically reverses the effects of unauthorized encryption.

Comparing Cost

In traditional backup systems, backup providers charge per size of the data which obviously only grows over time. This is in addition the cost of the infrastructure, maintenance and the management of the backup services.

  • Management cost

In case of a disaster and the entire region is affected such that the backup unit got spoilt.That would call for acquisition of another traditional backup solution.

In Cloudpap backup solution, you pay for the resources that you use. It allows flexibility, increasing or decreasing as the business demands it.

You are able to plan for your expenses. You don’t incur unnecessary cost.


The future is in clouding with cloudpap backup.