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Cloudpap Data Recovery And Access To Cloud Storage

Machine Data recovery From The Web Console

Cloudpap allows you to recover your data from the data center directly from your browser.

You can recover your entire machine to a physical machine or to a virtual machine (VM). In this case a physical machine is the machine where the backup agent is installed.

To recover the data on a VM, you would need to first of all create the VM on any Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)- which is a computer software that is used to create and run Virtual Machines.

In case a backup is recovered to a different physical machine with dissimilar hardware, during recovery Cloudpap Universal Restore fixes bootability using drivers found in the system folders.

Recovery of computer data to new hardware

During backup set up, Cloudpap allows you to create a bootable media so that you can use it to recover a machine that will not boot.

Download bootable media from backup management console

The bootable media will be downloaded as an iSO file. Bootable Media is also termed as startup disk. This is a volume/portion of a drive that contains a useful operating system that contains special files required to start/boot a computer into an operating system.

Start the computer using the Bootable Media

Click manage this machine locally

To get started with the Bootable media

Once you are in the Bootable Media interface, you can check the network settings and proceed with recovery:

Click on the recover option

Select data…

Click browse

Select backup folder or connect to your cloud storage with the User Account credentials (it will not show the backup yet)

Select the destination/where to restore

Choose disk layout

Specify recovery options

Click Ok

Cloudpap allows  recovery of SQL and Exchange database from

  • Application-aware backup
  • Database backup


  • Functioning server
  • Local folder

Access To Cloudpap Cloud Storage

To access the data from a different device i.e. Smart phone, tablet or laptop:

-Use the link, log in using the credentials you created while activating your backup login portal. i.e. Email address and password (that you set for the backup account)

-Add the backup software to the new device and click on restore