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Cloudpap Phone Backup Vs iCloud Phone Backup

The Big difference Between

A phone backup solution is not complete if it comes with several limitations. iCloud in this case, has several limitations as an online backup solution that makes it inefficient for users making Cloudpap the unbeatable.

Data backed up with iCloud is encrypted by Apple, but the data is not protected with a separate user-defined encryption.

Apple controls the encryption key and therefore can access the data of the user without the customers’ authorization. This means that the customers have not much control over their data privacy.

Cloudpap’s End to End encryption of the users’ data ensures privacy. Users have the freedom to create passwords to their data encryption. This means that only you can see your data- not even the server administrator can see your data.

I addition, Cloudpap cloud uses Artificial Intelligence to offer complete protection to your data against ransomwares. It is able to detect, stop and even automatically reverse any unauthorized encryption.

While your device family may consist a mix of iphones and Android devices, iCloud can only allow you to back up iphones and ipads. This means you will need to have more than one online service providers in order to have your needs met.

Cloudpap offers reliable, easy to use automated backup solution for your Android and iOS mobile devices. You don’t need to subscribe to other service providers to have your needs met.

iCloud does not allow data transfer to/from other platforms, it only allow sharing and accessing of photos, music, documents and other data between Apple products I.e. iOS devices.

If you were an iOS user, and for some reason you decided to move to a new Android phone.

One of the major troubles you will face is the movement of your data to the new device. This is because iOS users’ data I backed up with iCloud, and recovering data from iCloud directly to an android phone can be a real dragon.

Cloudpap allows easy, fast and secure transfer of data across android and iOS devices. If for example you were using iOS phone and you moved to Android, to move your data to the new device, all you need is to log in to your online storage via the new device, add the backup application to it and restore your data. Data safely and securely moved.

iCloud does not allow automatic-wireless backup of your data to a local NAS( Network Attached Storage) device.

A (NAS) device is a dedicated data file storage that allows numerous users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve data from centralized disk capacity.

Cloudpap on the contrary will allow automatic- wireless backup of your data to a local NAS. This means in case you want several users to have access to it, then you are sorted.

For a reliable, automated, easy-to-use and secure way to back up your mobile data. Nothing beats Cloudpap Continuous Phone backup.