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Cloudpap Unique Features

Among the many benefits that come with keeping your data with Cloudpap cloud solution, The most unique characteristic with this backup and recovery solution is Cloudpap Active Protection from Ransomware

Cloudpap actively protects your data from ransomware and other threats. It uses Artificial Intelligence –based stack analyzer to prevent ransomware attacks. It is able to detect, stop and even automatically reverse unauthorized encryptions.

Cloudpap allows gives you the following backup solutions.

  1. Full Backup

This type of backup automatically stores a copy of all files to the cloud according to your schedule. However files are usually compressed they still occupy much space.

The best thing about this option is, it is a self-sufficient backup containing all data chosen for backup. Restoration is relatively straight forward. You do not need to access any other backup to recover your data. You only need the name of the file, location and the date it was backed up.

  1. Incremental backup

This type of backup stores changes to the data against the latest backup. It saves space because it keeps only the files that have changed or have been created since the last backup. The volume of data that is kept each time is smaller, which therefore is the reason why it uses less network bandwidth.

However, restoration with this option is a bit complex as compared to full backup. This is because you may be required to search through several backups to locate the data you need to restore. To have complete restore of your files, you require to merge all the backups while being careful to keep only the most recent version of the files.

  1. Differential Backup

This method keeps the files that have changed against the latest full backup instead of backing up the files all over again.

This is termed as cumulative data backup and does not take much time to complete. I addition, it take lesser space compared to full backup. Every time you create a differential backup, all the changes that occurred since the last full backup are kept in a single file.

During restoration you only require the last full backup and the file containing the last differential backup. This is advantageous because you get the most recent version of all the files on your system and you won’t have to lose any data that changed since the last full backup

Cloudpap Format Type

  1. Single- File Backup format.

This is a new type of backup in which the full initial and the subsequent incremental backups are saved in one file .tib file, instead of chains of files. This method improves the speed of incremental backup method and at the same time overcoming the challenge of deletion of outdated backups.

The software marks the blocks used by outdated backups as ‘’ free’’ and writes new backups to these blocks. This makes cleanup fast.