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Cloudpap VS Google Drive Mobile Backup

When you look for a mobile backup solution, I believe you want a reliable option that will meet the needs of your mixed family of mobile devices in case you decided to shift from one type of device to the other.

When we compare Cloudpap cloud and Google drive, you will get to understand that Google drive has a number of restrictions.

Google Drive’s remote management is not a straight forward thing, for example if you choose to use the sync folder for backup, it doesn’t preserve your file structure. Due to the fact that the files have to be moved into the sync folder, your existing file order is lost. To be safe with this type of backup, you would need to copy the data structure in your sync folder by setting up multiple folders and sub-folder, which will be tiresome, messy and mostly results to errors such as having some missing data files.

In addition, deleting data on the sync folder will have the folder deleted in the cloud with the same happening to your other synced devices.

Google Drive doesn’t have a ‘’recovery’’ button. This is a huge disadvantage to you, since you’ll have to rebuild your file system by downloading the data files and folders and having to arrange them yourself.

Cloudpap on the other hand has a properly management remote backup, what you upload to cloud storage is what is kept in the order of your upload.

Cloudpap allows you to back up your way. You can opt to the automated application backup or the Cloudpap drive- you do not need an application with Cloudpap drive.

Google drive only allow data movement from iOS to Android only and not the vice versa. This means if you were using android phone and moved to iOS phone, you will have trouble to transfer your data to the new device.

Cloudpap allows easy and secure data movement to/from iOS and Android.

Google drive does not allow automatic-wireless backup of your data to a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) or Computer device.

A (NAS) device is a dedicated data file storage that allows numerous users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve data from centralized disk capacity.

Cloudpap on the contrary will allow automatic- wireless backup of your data to a local NAS and computer in that several users can retrieve it.

To set up Cloudpap wireless, automated backup of your mobile device to your NAS.

  1. Install the Cloudpap backup application on your device.
  2. Install and start the Cloudpap backup software on your NAS.
  3. Make sure that both NAS and the mobile device are connected to the same WI-FI network.
  4. In the application on your device, select Backup to NAS or Computer. Tap on Scan QR code
  5. With your mobile device, scan the QR code displayed in the NAS application interface to pair the mobile with the NAS.
  6. Upon successful pairing of the devices, you can start backup to NAS over the WI-FI.
  7. The Backup files can be browsed on the mobile device and restored directly from the NAS.

Now you got your data from your mobile safely backed up to the NAS every time you connect to your home wireless network. If anything happened to your device or you decide to get a new smartphone, you can quickly restore everything.

When we talk of convenient backup, the addition of this new feature to Cloudpap backup solution means you can back up your data on your mobile devices wherever you want to:

  • The Cloudpap cloud
  • Your NAS device
  • Your local computer