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Does Minecraft server run better on Linux

Does Minecraft Server Run Better On Linux?

Let’s answer; does Minecraft server run better on Linux? Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can build anything. 

Minecraft multiplayer servers let players from all over the world play together. The performance of a Minecraft server is important for many reasons.

They include:

  • Player experience: The performance of a Minecraft server can directly impact the player experience. A poorly performing server can cause lag, unresponsiveness, and crashes.
  • Server stability: Server performance affects server stability. A poorly performing server can crash or have other problems, frustrating players and making it difficult to maintain.
  • Server security: A Minecraft server’s performance affects its security. A poorly performing server is vulnerable to attacks, which can lead to data theft or gameplay disruption.
  • Server cost: The server’s performance affects its cost. A poorly performing server may need more resources, increasing hosting costs.

Factors affecting Minecraft server performance include:

  1. Hardware: The server’s hardware configuration is one of the most important factors affecting performance. The server needs a fast CPU, plenty of RAM, and a good hard drive.
  2. The version of Minecraft: The version of Minecraft being used can also affect performance. Some versions of Minecraft are more efficient than others.
  3. Number of players: The number of players on the server will also affect performance. The more players there are, the more CPU and RAM the server will need.
  4. Plugins and mods: Plugins and mods can also affect server performance. Some plugins and mods are more demanding than others.
  5. Server software: The server software can also affect performance. Some server software is more efficient than others.
  6. Network latency: Network latency is the time data travels from one point to another. If the network latency is high, it can cause lag on the server.
  7. Server location: The location of the server can also affect performance. If the server is far from the players, it can cause lag.

Does Minecraft server run better on Linux?

The debate between Linux and Windows servers has been raging for years. Proponents of each platform make strong arguments for their choice. 

Linux servers are often seen as more secure and reliable than Windows servers, while Windows servers are often seen as easier to use and manage. 

Ultimately, the best choice for a server platform depends on the organization’s specific needs. In general, Linux servers tend to use fewer resources than Windows servers. 

Linux is a more lightweight operating system than Windows. Linux also uses a more efficient memory management system than Windows. 

A benchmark conducted by TechSpot in 2016 found that a Linux server running Minecraft could handle twice as many players as a Windows server with the same hardware configuration.

Another Minecraft hosting company Apex Hosting 2018 study found that Linux servers achieved higher TPS (ticks per second) than Windows servers. 

TPS is a measure of how smoothly a Minecraft server is running.

Benefits of running a Minecraft server on Linux

  1. Control over server resources: A dedicated Minecraft server on Linux gives you full control of resources. Improve server performance by allocating resources to demanding workloads.
  2. Full use of bandwidth: Get full bandwidth for faster data and better gameplay.
  3. Control over mods and plugins: Linux Minecraft servers give you full control over mods and plugins for a customized gaming experience.
  4. Improved performance: Linux is known for its lightweight nature and better server performance, making it an ideal platform for gaming workloads. According to a post on SpigotMC, most server owners prefer Linux due to its lightweight nature.
  5. Security: Linux is known for its robust features, making it a safer platform for running a Minecraft server. With Linux, you can set up security settings to protect your server from unauthorized access.
  6. Stability: Linux servers are generally more stable than Windows servers, making them less likely to crash. It’s important for Minecraft servers, as a crash can ruin the experience for players.
  7. Community: A large and active community of Linux users is familiar with Minecraft servers. Many resources are available to help you set up and maintain your server.

Linux servers may be a better choice for Minecraft server owners looking for the best possible performance. 

However, it is important to note that the hardware configuration and the version of Minecraft will also affect performance.

Experiment with different servers and hardware to find the best Minecraft server setup.

Does server performance affect gameplay in Minecraft?

Server performance can significantly affect gameplay in Minecraft. Here’s how server performance can impact gaming:

  • Lag: Server lag can cause delays and make games unplayable. Slow internet, insufficient server resources, or outdated server software cause lag.
  • FPS: Server performance affects FPS. Playing on a server can give you higher FPS because the server does the world calculations and sends you the changes.
  • World generation: Server performance can also affect the speed at which the world generates. A faster server generates worlds faster, so players can explore more in less time.
  • Responsiveness and smoothness: A high-performance server ensures that gameplay is responsive and smooth. Reduces delays and lag for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Player capacity: The number of players that can join a server is limited by the server’s performance. A better server can handle more players, making multiplayer more engaging.

To optimize server performance:

  • Use a powerful server. The more powerful the server, the better it will handle many players and reduce lag.
  • Optimize the server. Several things can be done to optimize a server, such as allocating the correct amount of RAM and using a good hosting provider.
  • Monitor the server. It is important to monitor the server’s performance to ensure that it is running smoothly. Many tools can be used to monitor server performance.
  • Use a good hosting provider. A good hosting provider will have servers optimized for gaming and provide good customer support.


Now we know; Does Minecraft server run better on Linux? Linux for Minecraft servers improves performance and resource control.

Server owners prefer Linux for its lightweight nature and better performance. Dedicated servers are efficient for gaming workloads.

A dedicated Linux Minecraft server gives you full control of resources, so you can handle demanding workloads better.

Therefore, to optimize your Minecraft gaming experience, consider setting up a dedicated Minecraft server on Linux.