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How To Set Up Cloudpap Computer Backup

  1. Activate your account using the link sent on your email



  1. Log in and select Backup option
  2. Add device i.e The computer you want to backup

  1. Select the work station you prefer to download its backup software.

  1. Install the downloaded backup software.   
  2. Allow the installation to complete to 100%.
  3. Proceed to register the device whose backup you are setting.

  1. Register using the login details you set during activation of account (the email address used, then the password you set).
  2. Confirm the registration details
  3. Once the registration is successful go to the device you have added to setup what to be backed up.
  4. Click on the device name and select Backup option.

  1. Click the Backup option to set the frequency of backup


  • What to backup; you can backup Entire machine

  • Select your preferred Location for backup

  • Select your mode of scheduling

  • Select your preferred clean up period of your backup
  • Select the mode of encryption you prefer.

  • Click create to complete setup.
  • For disk/ volume backup type, kindly create a bootable media that can recover a machine that cannot boot.

  1. Click Run now to initiate backup.
  2. It shows you the status of the backup

NB:To access the data from a different device i.e smart phone, tablet or laptop:

-Use the link, log in using the credentials you created while activating your login portal.i.e Email address and password ( that you set for the backup account)

-Add the backup software to the new device and click on restore