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How To Set Up Cloudpap Phone Backup


  1. Activate your back up login portal by clicking the link sent to your email address

  1. Tick both terms and click accept

  1. Click on the Backup icon
  2. Add the phone you wish to backup i.e Android if your device is the Android type.

  1. Click on Open to download and install the backup software
  2. Once you have installed the software, Log in using the details you used while activating your account and select the data to be backed up.
  3. Then click on backup.
  • You can create encryption to your backup. Click on encryption and set your password.

  1. Your backup is automatedNB : To access the data from a different phone:

    -Use the link;, log in using the credentials you created while activating your login portal.i.e email address and password(you created for backup account)

    -Add the backup software to the new device and click on restore.