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Odoo Community vs. Enterprise

Odoo Community vs. Enterprise: Which Is Right For You?

Today, we’ll share more on Odoo community vs. Enterprise and tell you which is best. Odoo is a powerful business management software with two main editions: 

  • Community
  • Enterprise. 

The Community Edition is open-source and free, while the Enterprise Edition offers advanced features and official support at a cost. 

Choosing the right edition is crucial for business success.

Odoo Community:

Odoo Community is a free ERP system to help manage your business. The non-profit Odoo Community Association maintains Odoo and helps people save money.

Here are some essential things to know about Odoo Community:

  1. Open for ideas: Like a book anyone can read, it’s open. Intelligent people can change how it works to fit different businesses.
  2. Many jobs: Odoo Community has tools for business tasks, such as buying, selling, keeping track of money, and more.
  3. Make it yours: You can change Odoo Community to do even more things your business needs by yourself.
  4. Saves money: Odoo Community is a free option for small businesses.

Pros  and cons of using the Odoo community


  • Free: Odoo Community won’t cost you anything to use or download. 
  • Customizable: You can also change its inner workings according to your needs. It’s like having a free tool to adjust to fit your job.
  • Helpful Community: A big group of people use and work on Odoo. This community can teach you how to use the software and even help you make it work the way you want.
  • Constant Improvements: Odoo is always getting better. It’s like your phone getting new features regularly. Keeps your software fresh, with the latest stuff and fixes for any issues.


  • Not everything included: Odoo Community has only some of the features of the fancier version, Odoo Enterprise. Extras cost.
  • Limited help: If you need help with Odoo Community, you must rely on other users. It might mean waiting for answers and not getting help with everything.
  • Security worries: Bad stuff could be found because anyone can tinker with Odoo Community. It’s like having a door that someone with bad intentions could unlock. So you’ll need to be careful and take extra steps to keep it safe.

The Odoo Enterprise:

Odoo Enterprise is a business management software that streamlines operations and enhances productivity.

It offers a range of integrated applications and modules for various aspects of business, such as sales, inventory, HR, accounting, and marketing.

Features and benefits:

  1. Full suite of modules: Odoo Enterprise offers a wide range of modules that work seamlessly together to provide a holistic view of business operations.
  2. Integrated communication: The software includes communication, collaboration, and team document-sharing tools.
  3. Automation: Odoo Enterprise automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency. It saves time and money.
  4. Reporting and Analytics: The software offers robust reporting and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions and improve operations.
  5. User-friendly interface: Odoo Enterprise has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

Pros  and cons of using the Odoo Enterprise

  • Customization and flexibility: Odoo Enterprise is customizable to meet business needs. Includes customizing software to match unique business processes.
  • Scalability: Odoo Enterprise is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It scales with your business.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Odoo Enterprise automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency. It saves time and money.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: The software provides powerful reporting and analytics to help businesses improve their operations.
  • User-friendly interface: Odoo Enterprise features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for employees to learn and use the software effectively.


  • Complex implementation: Implementing Odoo Enterprise can be resource-intensive and require technical expertise. Businesses should invest in training and transitioning employees.
  • Potential overwhelm: Odoo Enterprise’s many features and modules can overwhelm new users. Training and onboarding are essential to maximize its benefits.
  • Regular updates: Regular software updates can benefit businesses, but they also require resources for testing and compatibility.

Odoo Community vs. Enterprise: Their differences

The key distinction between the two versions is that Odoo Community is free and open-source, while Odoo Enterprise is a paid, licensed version.

  1. Licensing: 

There are two versions of Odoo: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Community is free and open for everyone to use. 

Odoo Enterprise, on the other hand, requires a license and is not entirely open.

  1.  Functionality: 

Both Odoo versions have tools for business tasks like sales, buying, accounting, and inventory tracking. 

But Odoo Enterprise goes a step further. It has extra tools for more complicated tasks and a more extensive collection of tools to handle complex operations.

  1. Support and Bug Fixes: 

If you need help or fixes for issues, Odoo Enterprise is usually better. They offer more support and quicker solutions for problems compared to Odoo Community.

  1. Upgrades: 

Odoo Enterprise gets updated regularly with new features and improvements. It helps users stay up-to-date. 

Odoo Community also gets updates, but sometimes they might be more limited.

  1. Hosting: 

You can use Odoo Enterprise on your servers or the internet cloud. It gives you choices on where to put it. 

Odoo Community can also be hosted by yourself, but it might need more technical know-how.

  1. Pricing: 

Odoo Community doesn’t cost anything. It’s free to use. Odoo Enterprise, however, has a cost. The price changes based on your business needs and can be standard or customized.

Here is a briefly summarized table of Odoo Community vs. Enterprise:

FeatureOdoo communityOdoo Enterprise
LicensingOpen sourceLicensed.
ModulesBasic modules includedAdvanced modules included.
PerformanceGood performanceExcellent performance.
ScalabilityScalable to small and medium businessesScalable to large businesses.
UpdatesFree updatesPaid updates.
SupportCommunity supportPriority support from Odoo.

Which is right for your business?

Odoo Community is a good option for small businesses that are just starting or that only need some of the features of Odoo Enterprise. 

The Odoo Community is a free and open-source version of Odoo that allows you to modify the code to meet your specific needs. 

Also, this edition includes fewer features than Odoo Enterprise, such as payroll, appraisals, and mobile support. It also does not offer priority support from Odoo.

Odoo Enterprise is a paid subscription that includes all of Odoo Community’s features, advanced modules, and priority support. 

It’s a good option for larger businesses needing more features and support. Ultimately, your best choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. 

If you are a small business just starting, Odoo Community may be a good option. Odoo Enterprise is better for larger businesses or those needing more features and support.

The final decision: Odoo Community vs. Enterprise;

In Odoo, choosing between the Community and Enterprise editions is a pivotal decision that shapes your business’s digital journey. 

The Community edition offers a cost-effective entry point, catering to the essential needs of smaller enterprises. 

On the other hand, the Enterprise edition presents a premium suite of features, scalability, and tailored solutions for ambitious growth.

To make the right choice, consider the size and complexity of your business, budget constraints, and the specific functionalities you require. 

Aligning Odoo’s capabilities with your business aspirations is the answer. Your journey awaits – choose wisely, and let Odoo propel your business toward success.