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How To Install Odoo

Odoo Hosting Australia: Best Providers + Prices

Odoo is an essential tool for any e-commerce business looking to become successful. Odoo hosting is widespread in Australia and has been one of the hotspots for odoo. Lets dive in and get more understanding on odoo hosting in Australia.

Best options for Odoo hosting in Australia

1. David James Development Company

This company specializes in hosting Odoo websites and keeps your data in a data center located in Australia. They have a lot of experience in this field.

What They Offer

1. Odoo Managed Hosting

When you choose David James Development Company, you’re getting more than just hosting. They offer Odoo Managed Hosting services. This means they handle all the technical stuff, like taking care of the servers, making sure your data is backed up regularly, and keeping your online business safe from cyber threats.

2. Odoo Expertise

What makes David James Development Company stand out is their expertise in Odoo. They know Odoo inside and out because they exclusively focus on hosting this software. That’s great news for you because it means they can quickly figure out and fix any problems that might pop up.

3. Fully Managed Services

When they say “fully managed,” they mean it. David James Development Company will handle everything related to hosting. So, while they’re taking care of the technical side of things, you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business smoothly.

4. Customizable Options

Not every business is the same, and David James Development Company understands that. That’s why they offer customizable hosting plans. You can choose the plan that suits your business needs and requirements perfectly.

5. Odoo Information

If you’re curious about what’s going on with your Odoo instance, you can find all the details on their website. They provide information about the applications installed, giving you a clear picture of your software setup.

In a nutshell, David James Development Company goes beyond ordinary hosting. They’re experts in Odoo, offering fully managed and customizable hosting services that let you focus on growing your business while they take care of the technical side. Plus, they keep you informed about your Odoo setup. It’s hosting made easy!

2. Godoo

If you’re looking for hosting that’s tailor-made for Odoo, Godoo is a good option. They’ve designed their hosting solutions specifically to work well with Odoo, and their servers are located in Australia.

Why Choose Godoo?

a). Hosted in Australia

Godoo’s servers are right here in Australia, in a special place called a data center. This means that when you use Godoo, your Odoo software will run super fast for all your friends and customers in Australia. No more waiting!

b). Built for Odoo

Godoo’s hosting is made especially for Odoo. This makes sure that your Odoo software will work its best and won’t have any problems.

c). Expert Hosting

At Godoo, there are special people who really know how to take care of Odoo. They make sure that everything is always working perfectly and that bad things can’t happen to your data.

d). Fully Managed

Godoo doesn’t just give you space on their computers; they take care of everything. They make sure the computers are always working, they make copies of your data, and they keep everything safe from bad people.

e). Fast and Secure

Godoo’s hosting is built to be super speedy and safe. This means that your Odoo will be fast and won’t have any problems with security.

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3. One Click Cloud

If you want your Odoo website to perform at its best, One Click Cloud might be the right choice. They provide top-notch managed hosting services for Odoo in Australia, making sure your website is both fast and always available.

The Remarkable Features Of One Click Cloud’s Odoo Hosting

a). Tailored for Odoo Excellence

One Click Cloud’s hosting service is exclusively designed and finely tuned to suit Odoo, creating a seamless and efficient platform for hosting Odoo applications.

b). Peak Performance and Uninterrupted Availability

The servers are meticulously crafted with Odoo’s demands in mind, ensuring not only swift performance but also continuous availability for all users.

c). Expertly Managed Hosting

With One Click Cloud, you can enjoy the luxury of managed hosting. This means that the intricate technical aspects of hosting are handled by their skilled team, enabling you to channel your focus on your business endeavors.

d). Flexibility to Scale

Adapting to the evolving needs of your business is a breeze with One Click Cloud’s scalable hosting plans. As your requirements change, you can effortlessly upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan.

e). Round-the-Clock Technical Assistance

To offer unswerving support, they extend 24/7 technical assistance. Any concerns or glitches that may arise are promptly addressed, ensuring a smooth hosting experience.

4. One Click Media

This company is great for e-commerce businesses in Australia. They’re experts in managing Odoo hosting and can help you make the most of Odoo’s tools for managing your business, like its ERP and CRM applications.

The Remarkable Features Of One Click Media’s Odoo Hosting

a). Managed Hosting for Hassle-free Operations

At One Click Media, they offer something called “managed hosting.” This means they handle all the technical stuff related to hosting. This lets you, as a business owner, focus more on running your business smoothly without having to worry about the complicated technical aspects of hosting.

b). Expertise in Odoo, Your Business Ally

Something unique about One Click Media is their specialization in hosting Odoo. “Odoo” might sound like a funny word, but it’s actually a powerful platform that helps businesses manage various aspects of their operations like sales, inventory, and more. Because One Click Media knows Odoo really well, they can make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine, giving you the best performance and support.

c). Scaling Up When You Need It

One Click Media’s hosting plans are designed to be “scalable.” This means that as your business grows, and you need more space or power for your website, they can easily adjust your hosting resources. On the flip side, if things slow down a bit, you can also scale down. It’s like having a hosting plan that fits your business perfectly, no matter how big or small it is.

d). Smooth Performance, Always Ready

You know how important it is for a website to work fast and be available all the time, right? Well, One Click Media really pays attention to that. They focus on making sure your Odoo applications run with “high performance” and “high availability.” In simple words, they make sure your website is super fast and ready to use whenever your customers want to visit it.

e). Help Anytime, Anywhere

It’s like having a friend who’s always there to help you out. One Click Media provides “24/7 technical support.” So, if you ever have a problem or a question about your website or hosting, you can just give them a shout, no matter what time it is.

To Learn More

If you’re curious and want to know more about what One Click Media offers, the best thing to do is visit their website or get in touch with them directly. 

5. Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd

For reliable Odoo cloud hosting, Port Cities Australia has you covered. They offer hosting services with continuous monitoring and maintenance to keep your website running smoothly.

What Makes Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd Stand Out

a). Customized to Suit Australian Laws

One of the standout features of Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd is their expertise in adapting Odoo to comply with Australian legislation. This ensures that businesses using their services are in line with local regulations, providing peace of mind and legal security.

b). Unique Mobile App and Website Solutions

Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd offers something truly special – tailor-made mobile apps and websites. These solutions are carefully crafted to match the unique identity and requirements of each business. With their expertise, companies can have an online presence that’s both distinct and effective.

c). Mastery in Retail and Manufacturing Industries

With extensive knowledge in the retail and manufacturing sectors, Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd is well-equipped to provide targeted solutions for businesses operating in these fields. Their deep understanding of industry dynamics allows them to offer solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

d). Exploring with a Free Demo Account

Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd believes in showing, not just telling. They offer a free demo account for Odoo, enabling potential users to experience the software’s capabilities firsthand. This demo can be accessed conveniently from various devices – whether you’re at the office or relaxing at home.

e). Reliable Support Plans

The company also stands out for its flexible support plans, which include a team of experienced professionals based in Australia. These experts are dedicated to upholding pre-defined Service Level Agreements, ensuring that businesses receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the services, pricing, and additional features associated with their Odoo hosting plans in Australia, we recommend visiting the Port Cities Australia Pty Ltd website or reaching out to their team directly. 

6. One Click Hosting

Apart from regular hosting, One Click Hosting offers something called Managed VPS Servers for Odoo. These servers come with different specifications, such as the number of CPU cores, the amount of RAM, the storage space (SSD), and they even provide unlimited bandwidth.

The Features Of Odoo Hosting Offered Byone Click Hosting

a). Expert Managed Hosting

One Click Hosting takes pride in its expert managed hosting tailored exclusively for Odoo. This unique service is designed to cater to the specific needs of e-commerce companies in Australia, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

b). High Performance and Availability

Discover hosting services from One Click Hosting that guarantee both high performance and availability for your Odoo applications. These services are meticulously designed to ensure that your online store runs smoothly and stays accessible to your customers.

c). Managed VPS Servers

One Click Hosting offers managed VPS servers dedicated to powering Odoo. These servers provide specialized resources, including CPU cores, RAM, SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, they conduct daily backups to safeguard your data.

d). Full Management Hosting Package

Experience hassle-free hosting with One Click Hosting’s fully managed Odoo hosting package. They offer comprehensive support throughout the hosting journey. From initial setup and configuration to ongoing maintenance, they’ve got you covered.

e). Tailored Server Specifications

Customization is key, and One Click Hosting understands that. They allow businesses to personalize their server specifications according to their unique requirements. This flexibility ensures that you receive the resources that align perfectly with your needs.

f). Top-Notch Security

Security is paramount, and One Click Hosting prioritizes the safety of your Odoo applications. They employ robust measures to shield against potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring your online store’s data remains secure.

g). Effortless Backup and Restoration

Rest easy knowing that One Click Hosting offers effortless backup and restoration options. This feature ensures the integrity of your data, letting you restore your online store to a previous state if needed.

h). Round-the-Clock Technical Support

No need to worry about encountering technical hitches alone. One Click Hosting provides 24/7 technical support, always ready to address any issues or concerns that might arise, making sure your hosting experience remains smooth.

For a more in-depth look at One Click Hosting’s Odoo hosting features, pricing, and additional services, a visit to their website or direct contact with their team is highly recommended. 

The Pricing Plans For Odoo Hosting In Australia

When it comes to hosting your business software in Australia, Odoo presents two primary pricing plans: the Standard Plan and the Custom Plan.

Standard Plan 

If your business doesn’t require special customizations, the Standard Plan is tailored for you.

It covers all the regular Odoo applications and modules, coupled with boundless support, hosting, and maintenance. With a price tag of US$7.25 per month per user, this plan is budget-friendly.

Custom Plan

For businesses needing tailored custom modules, the Custom Plan is the way to go. Not only does it encompass all the features of the Standard Plan, but it also empowers you to host custom modules on This personalized approach comes at a cost of US$10.90 per month per user.

In addition to these plans, Odoo has another offer on the table: the One App Free plan. As the name suggests, it’s absolutely free and suits those looking to host a single application for personal or beginner use. And the best part? It accommodates unlimited users.

The Standard and Custom plans include all apps for a single fee:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Sign
  • Website
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Inventory
  • HR
  • Project
  • POS

Having trouble picking the right plan? Odoo provides a free consultation to guide you through the decision-making process.

Here’s a handy table summarizing the pricing plans for Odoo hosting in Australia:

Plan Price Features
StandardUS$7.25 per month per userAll standard Odoo apps and modules, unlimited support, hosting, and maintenance
CustomUS$10.90 per month per userAll features of Standard Plan, ability to host custom modules on, Odoo Studio, Multi-Company, External API
One App Free$0Hosting for a single app, unlimited users on Odoo Online

With these options on the table, you can confidently make a choice that suits your business needs.


When you’re making a decision, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at each company’s website or reach out to them directly. 

This way, you can get more detailed information about what they offer, how much their services cost, and any extra features they might provide. 

Making an informed choice will help ensure that your Odoo website is hosted and managed in the best possible way.