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Reasons For Online Backup

Hardware failure, virus, power surge, vandalism, or natural disasters could leave you without your important files.

I believe you have worked with technology for some time and you understand the importance of keeping your data safe. Keeping your data on online backup service can be easy and cost-effective way to do this.

Online backup which is also called remote backup is a service that offers users with a system for backing up, storage, and recovery of computer data files. The backed up data is used later to restore the data, in the case of a data loss occurrence.

This service allows you to keep your data files off-site. You can select specific folders or the entire machine to be backed up to a remote server at an off-site location.

Keeping a frequent backup of your data minimizes the risk of catastrophic data loss that occur as a result of hard drive failure, virus, human errors and other disasters.

Benefits of Online Backup.

Easy Setup.

Online backup setup requires no training, thanks to the service provider, they provide you with a step by step guideline on the setup. The backup service provider manages the backup solution, so you do not have to worry about maintaining off-site storage. They typically give you a web-based interface where you can access your data and monitor your backup process and status.


First, the security and safety of your data is absolutely essential. The best online backup will employ several mechanisms to ensure the privacy of your data, i.e. the data can only be seen by you- not even the server administrator can see your data.



There is no need of backup if it does not offer complete protection to your data. Online backup like Cloudpap backup protect your data with artificial intelligence- based defense against ransomware.

It is able to detect, stop, and even automatically reverse unauthorized encryptions that threaten victims to publish their data or perpetually block the access until they pay some amount of money.


With the automation of online backups and web accessibility, these makes the service very reliable in that once you have scheduled your backups, they occur on their own on the frequency you selected.

Also, you can recover and access your files quickly from any device, anywhere via internet.

Workload reduction.

Online backup are normally automated and handled off-site, this reduces the workload for the IT personnel, because they no longer have to perform the manual backup processes.

Reduced Risk.

Intelligent solutions liberate backing up from the human element – that create a greater risk of human error, since manual input is often a necessity.