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Server backup and Recovery

Cloudpap offers client applications that are deployed on Linux servers and Windows servers. Client application on the serves allow scheduling of backup activities, and eventual backup to either the cloud storage, local storage and network storage or a combination of them all.

Cloudpap server backup applications intelligently manages backup activities without compromising server’s performance. Backup can be stored in encrypted or unencrypted format. Backup can also be stored as a compressed file or as raw file depending on the settings.

Server backup solution allow end user to select of storage location as per their preference. Backups can be stored in the cloud, on a network attached device or locally within the server on a secondary drive.

Cloudpap provides a highly redundant cloud storage at the most competitive prices and it’s highly recommended that all server backup are stored on the cloud storage provided on Cloudpap.

Scheduled server backup on Cloudpap allow timed backup – timed backup is an option where a user states time within which the backup must strictly run. In the event that backup is not complete when the time elapse, the backup is paused and resumes in the following backup scheduled time.

Server Backup on Cloudpap can be incremental or full backup. Cloudpap Server Backup and Recovery provided crucial recovery options. The platform allow recovery to the same device or another device. Cloud backup and Recovery are the fastest in the market. It’s surprising to see how favorably Acronis backup and recovery speed compare with the competition.