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The Big Talk of Cloudpap Cloud


Previously, companies and consumers just bought their own computers and maintained it, just as you will use your PC to store your songs, videos, files etc. In the same way, your company will maintain its own servers for storing all the company’s documents.

This process is inefficient as maintaining computers is expensive. You need to do all the hard work like periodically buy new computers, update the OS, secure the system and back up data periodically.

Do you produce your own electricity or farm your own food? So, why do you need to buy your own computers, when all you need is information.

Just like a power plant takes care of all the machines to just give you final output- electric power – Cloudpap cloud takes care of all physical computers so that in the end you just need your information. This results to a huge improvement to businesses. You can store information and run all your processes, while Cloudpap cloud care about buying hardware and taking care of security.

In what ways is Cloudpap cloud relevant to you:

  1. Store information:

Previously, we used to just save files on our local machine. However, if you had to share with other people, we had to do clunky things like zipping it and sending it via email. Now, we could just store these files in the Cloudpap cloud and just send the other person the link to access. Even if your PC dies, you can always access the data from Cloudpap cloud.

  1. Access content:

Cloudpap helps you use content without storing anything on local computer. For instance, when you play a video on You tube, your hard disk space is not affected at all as the video exist within one of Google’s data centers. So will Cloudpap cloud storage sort you. you can free your machine’s space.

  1. Run processes:

  A computer is a machine that computes. For Instance, you could be having a software to run some processes, this software can live in Cloudpap cloud data center and is kept running. All you have to do is pay Cloudpap as per your operations.

  1. Access on demand: Here is the kicker. Does your power usage vary? Most likely yes. When you are out of home, you won’t need much power compared to when you are having your AC, Vacuum, Fridge and oven on. When our power consumption increases, the consumers don’t need to spent buy to a new power plant, but just pay for the increased usage at that time. The power utility intelligently manages the load. In the same way, with Cloudpap, you can pay for your data storage as it increases or decreases as your operations demands it.