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Truehost VPS: What You Need To Know

Truehost VPS: What You Need To Know

What is a VPS Server?

A VPS server, short for Virtual Private Server, is a cutting-edge solution that combines the benefits of a physical server with the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization technology. It operates as a virtual machine within a physical server, providing users with a dedicated environment to host their websites, applications, and other digital assets.

Unlike shared hosting, where multiple users share the same server resources, a VPS server grants you exclusive control and resources over your virtual environment. It simulates a dedicated server experience, offering enhanced performance, reliability, and security.

By harnessing the power of virtualization, a single physical server can be partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each functioning independently with its own operating system, software, and resources. This means you can run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single physical server, eliminating the need for separate servers for each OS.

The beauty of a VPS server lies in its flexibility. It empowers you to customize your virtual environment according to your specific requirements, scaling resources up or down as needed. This scalability ensures optimal performance and cost-efficiency, as you only pay for the resources you actually utilize.

Truehost VPS Services

In Kenya, there is no shortage of companies offering VPS hosting services. However, when it comes to the leading provider of VPS and VM with the most affordable pricing, Truehost Cloud stands out from the competition.

Without a doubt, Truehost Cloud is the go-to web hosting provider in Kenya. They offer a range of VPS and VM solutions that cater to diverse needs. 

Truehost’s VPS servers come packed with a variety of impressive features:

Root access

Enjoy complete control over your VPS, allowing you to customize configurations and install the software according to your requirements.

Management and support 

Should you choose Truehost to manage your VPS, they provide essential management and support services to ensure a smooth hosting experience.

Server monitoring

Truehost keeps a close eye on their servers 24/7, ensuring optimal performance without any delays or security threats.

Multiple domain hosting

With Truehost VPS servers, you can host unlimited domains and subdomains, accommodating your growing online presence.

Managed data backups

Your data’s safety is a priority for Truehost, as they offer reliable backup and restoration services to keep your information secure at all times.


Take advantage of Cpanel’s functionality, enabling you to create unlimited email accounts, domains, and subdomains, empowering your online endeavors.

Unmanaged VPS Features in Truehost Cloud

1. Fast SSD Drives: Experience lightning-fast performance with our state-of-the-art SSD drives, ensuring rapid read and write speeds for your websites and applications.

2. Automated Cron jobs: Streamline your workflow and save time by automating tasks through our Scheduled Tasks feature on the Plesk control panel.

3. Feature-Rich Plesk: Benefit from the extensive capabilities of Truehost Cloud’s Plesk, equipped with a wide array of features ranging from robust web security tools and SEO optimization to efficient DNS management, web analytics, and comprehensive database management.

4. Resources & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your resource utilization through automated charts and graphs available in the Control Panel. Monitor your server resources effortlessly and make data-driven decisions.

5. Hardened PHP & Scripts: Enhance the security and functionality of your websites and applications with our Hardened PHP, ASP, and .NET Scripts, providing a solid foundation for your online projects.

6. 1-Click Installer: Simplify the deployment process with our user-friendly 1-Click Installer. Install over 400 Content Management System Scripts seamlessly with just one click through the Cpanel and Client Area.

7. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our risk-free cloud hosting. If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll gladly refund your investment.

8. Secure Cloud: Rest easy knowing that your data is protected with our Secure Cloud platform. We prioritize data privacy and implement robust security measures to safeguard your valuable information.

The Cost of VPS Hosting in Truehost Cloud

In Kenya, the price of a VPS varies depending on several factors, including the server type, operating system, and storage capacity you need. 

The cost can range from Ksh 699 per month for a basic VPS with restricted storage space, to Ksh 4,999 per month for a top-of-the-line VPS server offering unlimited storage capacity. 

It’s important to consider your specific requirements and budget when selecting the ideal VPS solution for your needs.

Click HERE to access the page and discover the remarkable functionalities and capabilities that make Truehost Cloud the best choice for your hosting needs.