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What Should I Build in my Minecraft Server?

Are you wondering what to build in your Minecraft server? 

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is the ability to create and customize your server. 

However, with so many possibilities, it can be challenging to decide what to build on your server. 

In this article, we will explore some ideas for what to build in your Minecraft server. 

We will cover both complex and simple builds, that you could consider for your Minecraft server. But, before you build you always have to plan.

Planning Your Minecraft Server

To plan your Minecraft server effectively, consider the following steps:

A. Choose a server type

Survival Mode: This mode focuses on resource gathering, crafting, and survival against hostile mobs.

Creative Mode: In this mode, players have unlimited resources and can build freely without worrying about survival.

Adventure Mode: This mode allows players to experience custom maps and adventures created by other players.

Minigames: Create a server dedicated to various fun and competitive minigames.

B. Consider the server’s target audience

Determine if the server is for friends, family, or the public.

Consider the age range and preferences of the players who will be joining.

C. Decide whether to use mods or play in vanilla Minecraft

Mods can enhance gameplay with additional features, mechanics, and content.

Vanilla Minecraft refers to playing the game without any modifications.

D. Establish server rules and guidelines for players

Set clear guidelines for behavior, language, and player interactions.

Determine if PvP (player versus player) combat will be enabled or disabled.

Consider any additional rules or restrictions specific to your server.

Things You Can Build in Your Minecraft Server

Sky Bases

Sky bases are structures you build high up in the sky in a Minecraft server. They are often built on top of tall pillars or towers and can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, stone, or glass. 

Sky bases offer a unique perspective and can provide a sense of adventure and excitement to players.

Benefits of building a sky base

Sky bases are often safer from hostile mobs and other players.

They offer a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape, making it easier to spot resources and other points of interest.

Sky bases can be aesthetically pleasing and offer a unique building challenge.

Challenges of building a sky base:

Building a sky base requires a lot of resources and time.

Players must be careful not to fall off the structure, as it can result in death and loss of items.

Sky bases can be vulnerable to lightning strikes and other environmental hazards.

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a sky base

Choose a location high up in the sky and build a tall pillar or tower to serve as the base of your sky base.

Place a Base Computer on top of the tower to claim the land and prevent other players from building on it.

Begin building the structure of your sky base, starting with the floor and walls.

Use ladders or stairs to move between levels of the sky base.

Consider adding windows or balconies to enjoy the view.

Add any necessary furniture or decorations to make the sky base feel like home.

Storage Rooms

Having a well-organized storage system in your Minecraft server is essential for efficient gameplay. 

Here are some reasons why:

Storage room saves time and effort by allowing players to quickly find the items they need.

It reduces clutter and makes it easier to navigate through the server.

It helps prevent the loss of items due to disorganization or accidental destruction.

To optimize your storage room layout for efficiency and accessibility, consider the following tips:

Categorize items by type and use labeled chests to keep them organized.

Use signs or item frames to indicate the contents of each chest.

Consider using hoppers and sorting systems to automate the storage process.

Use lighting and decorations to make the storage room aesthetically pleasing.

Design ideas for storage rooms

Use different colored blocks or patterns to create a visually appealing design.

Create a multi-level storage room with ladders or stairs for easy access.

Use item frames and paintings to add a personal touch to the storage room.

Incorporate Redstone mechanisms and lighting for a more high-tech look.

Underground Cities

Underground City is a unique and exciting concept in Minecraft servers. 

Reasons why underground cities are appealing:

They offer natural protection from hostile mobs and other players.

With an underground city, you can easily access resources such as ores and minerals.

They offer a sense of adventure and exploration.

Advantages of building underground

Protection from hostile mobs and other players.

Easy access to resources such as ores and minerals.

Unique building challenge.

Structures to include in an underground city

Houses and living quarters.

Farms for crops and animals.

Mines for resource gathering.

Storage rooms for the organization.

Decorative elements such as lighting and furniture.

Fantasy Towns

Fantasy towns are a popular and creative building concept in Minecraft servers. 

Here are some ideas for different architectural styles:

Medieval: This style features castles, walled towns, and other structures inspired by the Middle Ages.

Steampunk: This style incorporates elements of Victorian-era technology and machinery.

Futuristic: This style features sleek and modern designs with advanced technology and materials.

When building a fantasy town, it’s important to incorporate details and decorations to bring it to life. 

Tips for building fantasy towns

Use different materials and textures to add depth and variety to the buildings.

Incorporate landscaping and natural elements such as trees and gardens.

Use lighting and special effects to create a magical atmosphere.

Floating Bases

Floating bases are a unique and visually appealing concept in Minecraft servers. They are structures built high up in the air, often using scaffolding or other materials to create a stable foundation. 

Methods for creating floating bases

Scaffolding: Use scaffolding blocks to create a stable platform in the air.

Levitation potions: Use levitation potions to float in the air and build the base from there.

Elytra wings: Use elytra wings to glide through the air and build the base as you go.

When building a floating base, it’s important to ensure stability and safety. 

Tips for building floating bases

Use sturdy materials such as stone or iron to create a strong foundation.

Consider using water or lava as a safety net in case of falls.

Use fences or other barriers to prevent accidental falls.

Underwater Bases

Underwater bases are a unique and challenging building concept in Minecraft servers. 

Here are some challenges and rewards of building underwater:

Challenges: Underwater bases require careful planning and execution to ensure they are waterproof and breathable. They also require players to be mindful of hostile mobs and other underwater hazards.

Rewards: Underwater bases offer a unique and beautiful view of the ocean landscape. They also provide easy access to underwater resources such as coral, kelp, and fish.

Tips for creating a waterproof structure and maintaining a breathable environment

Use water-resistant materials such as glass or prismarine to prevent leaks.

Use doors or trapdoors to create air pockets for breathing.

Consider using sea lanterns or glowstone for lighting.

Ideas for incorporating underwater farms and aquatic-themed decorations

Create a kelp or seaweed farm for a sustainable food source.

Use coral and other underwater plants for decoration.

Incorporate aquatic-themed furniture such as seashell chairs or fish tank tables.

Mountain Bases

Building bases on mountains in Minecraft servers offers both scenic and strategic advantages. Here are some reasons why:

Scenic: Mountain bases offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape and can be incorporated into the natural terrain.

Strategic: Mountain bases offer natural protection from hostile mobs and other players. They also provide easy access to resources such as ores and minerals.

Considerations for building on uneven terrain and utilizing natural features

Use the natural terrain to your advantage by incorporating it into the design of the base.

Use stairs or ladders to navigate the uneven terrain.

Consider using waterfalls or other natural features for decoration.

Ideas for incorporating mountain-themed elements

Cliffside houses are built into the side of the mountain.

Mountain paths or bridges connect different parts of the base.

Mountain-themed furniture such as wooden chairs or stone tables.


Building in Minecraft servers offers endless possibilities for creativity and imagination. There are countless ideas to explore on what to build in Minecraft server. 

It’s important to consider the server type, target audience, and whether to use mods or play in vanilla Minecraft. 

Establishing server rules and guidelines is also crucial for a positive and enjoyable experience for all players.

Remember to personalize your builds and incorporate details and decorations to bring them to life. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s always something new to discover in Minecraft. So go ahead, explore your creativity, and build something amazing!