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Which Minecraft Server Has Bedwars?

Which Minecraft Server Has Bedwars?

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of Bedwars. This thrilling game mode is all about defending your bed while attempting to obliterate the beds of rival teams. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Bedwars, revealing which Minecraft servers offer this action-packed mode and how to join them. Plus, we’ll discuss strategies for earning XP, server IPs, rules to follow, player limits, and available mods and plugins. Let’s dive right in and explore “which Minecraft server has Bedwars.”

What is Bedwars?

Bedwars is a beloved game mode within the Minecraft community. It pits teams of 1 to 4 players against each other, each starting on their own island.

The goal?

Protect your bed while launching daring assaults on your adversaries.

To succeed, you’ll need to gather resources like iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. These resources allow you to purchase vital items and upgrades that can aid in both defense and offense.

Different Bedwars variations spice things up, including Doubles, Ultimate, Castle, Voidless, Lucky Blocks, Swappage, and more.

The game concludes when only one bed remains intact, with the victorious team crowned as the Bedwars champions.

Notably, you can enjoy Bedwars on several Minecraft servers.

Which Minecraft Servers Offer Bedwars?

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: which Minecraft servers provide the Bedwars experience you crave? Here are some top-notch options:

Server NameIP Address

These servers are well-known for offering Bedwars and a wide array of other exciting game modes. However, they’re not the only options available.

You can also explore InsanityCraft, JartexNetwork, PikaNetwork, MineMalia Network, HylexMC, and AppleMC for your Bedwars fix.

Curated lists of the best Minecraft Bedwars servers are accessible online, such as those found on,, and

How to Join a Bedwars Server in Minecraft

Excited to join the Bedwars action? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Load up Minecraft and click on “Multiplayer.”
  2. Click on “Direct Connect.”
  3. Type in the server address for the Bedwars server you want to join. For instance, the address for the Hypixel server is “”
  4. Click “Join Server” to connect to the server.
  5. Once you’re on the server, find the Bedwars game mode. This may involve clicking on a specific NPC or using a command.
  6. Join the Bedwars game and start playing!

It’s worth noting that the specific steps to join a Bedwars server may vary depending on the server and the Minecraft version in use.

Some servers might require additional mods or resource packs for Bedwars, and certain rules or requirements could apply, like a minimum player level or in-game currency.

What Bedwars Gamemode Gives the Most XP?

Earning XP in Bedwars is crucial for leveling up and enhancing your skills. Different opinions abound regarding which Bedwars gamemode yields the most XP. Here are some commonly mentioned options:

  • Doubles: A post on the Hypixel forums suggests that Doubles is the gamemode that offers the most XP. However, this information dates back to 2018 and might not be current.
  • 30v30: Some players recommend 30v30 for XP grinding due to its extended game duration and numerous opportunities for kills.
  • Duels: Playing the Duels gamemode can be lucrative for XP, as it guarantees a 300 XP reward per game, including the 20% XP from the paid Battle Pass.
  • Lucky Block: Some players favor Lucky Block for XP farming, although it may not be the most efficient choice.

Ultimately, the best gamemode for XP might depend on your playstyle, skill level, and the specific Bedwars server you’re on.

Minecraft Bedwars Server IP Addresses

To make your Bedwars journey even smoother, here are some Minecraft Bedwars server IPs:

  1. Complex Gaming:
  2. Vortex Network:
  4. Advancius Network:
  5. PikaNetwork:
  6. JartexNetwork:
  7. HylexMC:
  8. AppleMC:
  9. MoxMC:
  10. Bridger Land:
  11. Mineland:
  12. Hypixel:
  13. BlocksMC:

Please note that server IPs can change over time, so always check the server’s website or forums for the most up-to-date information on how to join.

Some servers may require specific mods or resource packs to access Bedwars.

Server Rules for Minecraft Bedwars

Before you dive into the action, it’s essential to understand the rules governing Bedwars servers. While these rules can vary from server to server, here are some general guidelines commonly mentioned:

  • Respect Other Players: Show respect to your fellow players and avoid confrontations over differing opinions.
  • Rushing: Many players advocate for rushing – purchasing the minimum blocks required to reach your opponent’s island as quickly as possible – as a viable strategy.
  • Destroy Beds: Remember that the main objective in Bedwars is to destroy the beds of other teams. Once a bed is destroyed, that team can no longer respawn.
  • No Cross-Teaming: Cross-teaming, where two or more teams collaborate to gain an advantage, is generally not allowed and is considered unacceptable.
  • Strategy is Important: Strategy is a key aspect of Bedwars. Focus on gathering resources, constructing defensive structures, and engaging in strategic battles to be the last team standing.

Keep in mind that these rules can vary depending on the server you’re playing on. Always consult the server’s website or forums for detailed rules and guidelines.

How Many Players Can Join a Minecraft Bedwars Server?

The number of players allowed on a Minecraft Bedwars server hinges

on various factors. Here are some player limits mentioned in the search results:

  • Doubles and Fours: According to a post on the Hypixel forums, the maximum number of players in a private Bedwars game is 16, as this is the limit for Doubles and Fours, the game modes with the highest player count.
  • Varies by Server: The maximum player count on a Bedwars server depends on the server’s hardware and resource capacity. Some servers might cap at 80 players or more.
  • Minecraft Server Limit: In a different context, Minecraft Education, which features multiplayer games using picture-based join codes, allows a maximum of 40 players. However, this depends on the host’s device specifications.
  • Party Limit: The maximum number of players in a single party is 16 according to the BedWars Wiki on Fandom.

Always remember that these player limits may fluctuate, so it’s wise to consult the server’s official resources for precise information on player limits.

Mods and Plugins for Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Enhance your Bedwars experience with mods and plugins tailored for Minecraft Bedwars servers. Here are some notable ones:

  • Bedwars 1058: This free plugin facilitates Bedwars setup on your Minecraft server and is compatible with versions 1.8 to 1.18.
  • Screaming Bedwars: Downloadable on Spigot, this free plugin allows you to create a Bedwars server akin to Hypixel’s Bedwars.
  • Bedwars Plugin: This handy plugin automates the setup of Bedwars maps on your server, resetting the map after each game. Find it on Bukkit.
  • Other Plugins: Various other Bedwars plugins are available for Minecraft servers, including Map reset, Setup menu, Item Shop, Join teams with entities, Item Spawner, and Fully automatic.

Keep in mind that while mods and plugins can enhance your Bedwars experience, some servers may have restrictions or specific rules regarding their usage. Always check the server’s policies and guidelines before implementing any mods or plugins.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “which Minecraft server has Bedwars” is a question with numerous answers, as the Minecraft community offers a plethora of options to indulge in this thrilling game mode.

Whether you’re seeking XP, rules, server IPs, player limits, or mods and plugins, this guide provides you with the comprehensive information you need to embark on your Bedwars adventure.

So, gather your team, fortify your bed, and prepare for the ultimate Minecraft Bedwars experience!

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