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Why You Require CCTV Backup Solution

With the current increase in insecurity, business and domestic properties are no longer safe.

Having a good CCTV security or video surveillance system installed at your premises is absolutely essential and one of the most cost-effective ways in order to keep your residential and work place safe.

Keeping the recordings is good for you but not enough especially when the security footages can be accessed on site. Your security measures will be complete if you backup your CCTV security footages offsite. This is because you have full control over your backed up recordings.

Cloudpap CCTV Back up is a security surveillance solution that enable you to store your CCTV footage on the secure Cloudpap cloud and access it anywhere, anytime.

Cloudpap guarantees you peace of mind because you are able to constantly check in on your premises operations online from a mobile phone or computer. More importantly, you can access and retrieve proof of occurrence recordings for critical events online from the online storage.

Cloudpap CCTV backup is reliable in that it allows you to increase or decrease your resources usage as your needs demand it. It takes care of the management expenses, so you don’t have to worry about anything, all you require is the final service, which Cloudpap guarantees you 100%.

Why Choose Cloudpap CCTV Backup?

Complete protection of your CCTV camera footages. Cloudpap backup uses AI-based defense mechanism to protect your recordings from ransomware attacks.

Additional privacy. The strongest encryption adds privacy to your footages. Only you can see them.

The footages are encrypted at source, in transit and in storage.

Your backups are compressed and incremental. This makes it possible for related footages to stored together, and also saves your online storage space.

Freedom of selection of storage location. You can store your recordings in the cloud, Network device or locally for additional security.

You can schedule your backups or allow them to happen with event trigger.

You get full control over your premises. With the easy-to-use online portal, you can access footage from any location anytime. Once your installation is complete, boom! You have access to your secure online CCTV footage.

Tamper-proof capabilities .In the unfortunate event of robbery, you are able to retrieve evidence from online portal even if the physical camera is tampered with. This is a good thing that can be used as evidence for insurance claims or even to assist in police investigations.

24/7 support. The Cloudpap Technical team is dedicated to 24/7customer support without failure.

Fast and reliable service. Depending on your readiness, the service can be up as soon as possible from the point when you sign up for it.