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Why You should Backup your phone with cloudpap


Data Backup is the act of storing a copy of files to a separate location so that in the case that the original data files are lost or damaged, they can be restored.

Cloudpap continuous Phone Backup- automatically preserves a copy of the original data as they are saved to ones’ device.

You require backup to prevent malicious software from stealing, deleting, altering, hijacking your sensitive data or monitoring your phone’s activities without your permission.

Backup solution allows you to transfer data faster and securely from one phone to another.





Benefits to the user

Complete data protection against malwares – Cloudpap Phone backup uses artificial intelligence to protect your data against malicious activities.

It preserves a record of every activities that takes place in your devices.


In the case that your system becomes infected with virus, and your file becomes corrupted and the problem is not discovered until sometime later, you can always recover the most recent clean copy of the affected file.

Benefits to the Device.

Cloudpap backup increases the life span of a device. Due to the fact that the device is protected from malicious attacks, it can last longer.

Phone backup increases the operations of the device thus making it effective because there are no cases system failure caused by low memory in that one can delete the original data files from the phone memory to retain the copy in the backup.

 Benefits to other people

In the case that  there is loss of information that is needed to continue, if one person has the phone backup solution he/she can restore the information, share it with the other person and they can proceed with their discussion.

In the case of deletion of shared files between users, and later one person without the phone backup requires to use the files, the person having the backup solution can restore the files and send it to the other user.