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Why You Should Move from Hard drive to Cloudpap cloud services.

Hard drive is a secondary storage device that is used to store data. External hard drives may be cheap to acquire, however, they are not reliable. Hard drive failure rates, especially on modern devices, are as high as 27% during warranty period.

Files on your backup drive can be just as vulnerable to disaster as files on your main system are, i.e. an external USB hard drive used for backup- could fall victim to ransomware just as easily as the PC on the other end of the cable.

This means you can rely on your hard drive for three to five years on average, and then you can bid it and your data good bye.

What about Cloudpap backup, it is a reliable, automated backup solution that is used for storing a copy of your original data, to make it accessible from any location via internet. This backup storage solution takes care of a fundamental problem external hard drive can’t fix: reliability.

Universal access

Cloudpap backup can back data files on your phone, on your home laptop and on office computers, but external drive can only backup data on the device it’s connected to. Cloudpap gives you the freedom to back up files on any internet- connected device, without plugging in. Access is so much easier because you only require a web browser and working internet connection to access your files.


With external drive, you’re in charge of security. However, while a hard drive warranty will replace your hard drive, it won’t bring back your lost data.

Cloudpap uses artificial intelligence to offer complete protection of your data against ransomware.

It also uses the strongest and most advanced encryption standards that ensure your data is safe at all times.


External drives come with additional warranty in case of failure. Unfortunately, the warranty does not include file recovery, which can cost as much as $1500, and which, depending on the nature of the failure, may be ineffective.

Cloudpap services may seem more expensive, but the price includes advanced file recovery options. In this case, you’re paying for storage, recovery and even more options, which make Cloudpap storage cheaper in regards to the quality of service you get.

So, ditch the external drive for backup and get disaster protection solution for your data and maintain fast access to large data files. Or worse, you might misplace the drive altogether losing all of your backup data.