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Block Storage

More than just data storage

Foundations for Success

CloudPap’s Block Storage provides fast, reliable, and efficient data systems optimized for low latency. All Cloud Servers come with Block Storage as the default.


Our storage solutions are designed to be both highly performant and highly available. Performance is essential, but reliability is just as important!


Enjoy ultra flexibility – with the ability to add the exact storage capacity you need, up to 4 TB per volume – and the ability to resize block storage at any time!


Transfer block storage devices quickly between Cloud Servers with just a few clicks in the control panel or via the CloudPap’s API-supported tools.

HDD Storage

Efficient and dependable Block Storage for larger data requirements where speed is not a factor.


Our HDD block storage is an ideal choice for holding large amounts of data. Direct access to the file system of your Cloud Server ensures fast performance while keeping costs low.

Storage on tap

Easily add up to 7 additional HDD block storage devices, without having to break the bank, for additional storage space.

Consistent performance

HDD block storage emphasizes capacity at a cost-effective price. Highly efficient and more than capable of meeting your needs.

Pricing Plans

Choosing the right storage solution for your needs.

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