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Frequently Asked Questions

Free trial

  • How long does the free trial last?

    We currently do not offer a completely free trial. We however do offer upto 87% discount on 1st month to allow you to test our services. This amounts to as low as $0.52 for the first month on our cheapest plan.

  • How much do I get charged after 1st month.

    The 87% entry discount applies for the 1st month. After that, the normal price of the VM or Apps as indicated during ordering process will be applied.

Cloud Servers

  • Do you offer managed hosting?

    Not at this time. CloudPap is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider and we focus on offering the best the cloud infrastructure for SMB companies to freely build upon. However, we do offer other managed services such as databases, load balancing and object storage. We also have an extensive network of partners offering world-class managed hosting services.

    Contact us to learn more.

  • How can I connect to my cloud server?

    Yes, free shipping is available for all the orders that’s placed inside the United States. We charge shipping fees for overseas orders.

  • What operating system do you support?

    We offer a suite of popular Linux distributions and Windows templates for fast server deployment. These include Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server and many others with different versions of each. You can install any operating system manually using our Storage Import feature.


  • Do you have a support help desk I can contact?

    Yes, always! We have a friendly dedicated team of technical support specialists available 24/7. On average, we’ll respond in less than 2 minutes! We are happy to assist with any technical questions related to our infrastructure and services but are unable to manage any of our users’ cloud servers.

  • Can you help me get started?

    We have an extensive library of support articles, tutorials, and guides to help you configure your cloud server. Check out our community pages to learn more.

    Be sure to also watch our video on how to deploy a server in only 45 seconds with CloudPap Control Panel.

  • What kind of assistance can you provide?

    We can help you with any technical difficulties you might experience with our services and their use. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for help!