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Object Storage

Secure, scalable, affordable

Building Blocks of Success

With its S3-compatible programmable interface, you have the ideal home for your data. Take advantage of the existing tools and code implementations to make the most of this feature.

Secure by design

Object Storage from CloudPap ensures your data is securely stored with redundancy across multiple devices and utilizes HTTPS encryption with SSL certificates automatically generated.

Simple pricing

Object Storage is available at an affordable price of €20 per terabyte and comes in three plans: €5, €10 and €20 per month. All plans include generous storage and network transfer, with no extra charges or  hidden fees.

Easily scalable

Start without worry of limited storage space; Object Storage size is adjustable to grow as your business does, with a maximum of 1 TB per instance.

Fully Featured Data Storage

Easy to manage

Easily manage all your data with the CloudPap’s Control Panel, or use one of the many available S3 clients to access your data in a file manager.

Effortless delivery

Give public access to a certain bucket through the CloudPap Control Panel or API and share any of its contents anonymously via a direct link.


Thanks to the interface that is compatible with S3 and programmable, you have a range of options for tools and code implementations that already exist.

Pricing Plans

Effortless data storage with simple pricing


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