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Angani Virtual Machines All You Need To Know

Angani Virtual Machines: All You Need To Know

Are you looking to scale your business’s IT infrastructure without the massive upfront costs? Angani’s virtual machines are the solution. As the leading cloud computing provider in East Africa, Angani makes it easy and affordable to get the computing power you need with secure and reliable infrastructure.

What are Virtual Machines?

A virtual machine (VM) is a software program that mimics a physical computer. It runs its own operating system and applications like a standalone server, but shares resources with the physical machine it runs on.

Angani provisions VMs on powerful servers located in data centers in Nairobi. You can lease these VMs to deploy servers, databases, analytics tools, websites, and any other workload you need. It’s like having a dedicated server, but without having to purchase and maintain the physical hardware.

With Angani’s VMs, you only pay for the compute resources you use. There are no upfront costs for hardware. You can quickly scale up or down as your needs change.

Benefits of Angani’s Virtual Machines

Reduced Costs

Since VMs share resources with other VMs on the same physical server, they are far more cost-effective than purchasing stand-alone servers. You avoid capital expenditures on hardware and reduce operating costs like power, cooling, and physical space.


Spin up new VMs within minutes to support changing business needs. Scale up your existing VMs by allocating more CPU, memory, or storage resources. Their portal and API make it simple to manage your VMs.

High Availability

Angani provides 99.95% uptime for your mission-critical workloads. Angani VMs leverage clustered hypervisor hosts and shared storage. If a physical host fails, your VMs automatically restart on another host.


Your VMs are completely isolated and secure on their enterprise-grade virtualization platform. Network traffic between VMs is private. Angani uses role-based access control, so only authorized users can access your environment.

Managed Services

Angani’s engineers proactively monitor your VMs 24/7. We handle infrastructure maintenance like patching and upgrades behind the scenes so you can focus on your applications. Additional managed services like backups and load balancing are available.

Usage Examples

Angani’s VMs are ideal for these types of workloads:

Websites and Web Applications

Deploy high traffic websites, ecommerce stores, APIs, and web apps scaled to thousands of users. Angani provides load balancing and auto-scaling groups to handle traffic spikes.

Business Software

Run line-of-business applications like ERP, CRM, project management, HRIS, accounting systems, and custom LOB apps. Angani VMs provide the performance to support your business needs.

Big Data Analytics

Crunch through petabytes of log files, sensor data, social media feeds, and more with clusters of Angani VMs. Spin up Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and other data analytics tools.

Dev/Test Environments

Replicate your production environment with Angani VMs for development, testing, integration, and staging. Their Dev/Test bundles include discounted rates to optimize costs.

Linux and Windows Options

Angani offers Linux-based and Windows-based virtual machines to match your workload requirements:

Linux VMs

Angani’s Linux VMs let you choose between Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and other distributions. You get root access to install packages, configure settings, and integrate with automation tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.

Windows VMs

For Windows workloads, Angani provides licensed Windows Server VMs. Options include Windows Server 2022, 2019, and legacy releases. Leverage Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, and your other Windows infrastructure.

Both Linux and Windows VMs deliver the performance, availability, and ease of management your business needs.

Angani Virtual Machines Simple Pricing

Angani Virtual Machines Simple Pricing

Angani offers flexible pay-as-you-go pricing for VMs. There are no complex tiers or upfront commitments.

VM SizevCPUsRAMStorageHourly Rate
Small11 GB20 GBKES 3/hour
Medium22 GB40 GBKES 7/hour
Large24 GB80 GBKES 12/hour

Volume discounts are available, along with special rates for development/testing VMs. All plans include unlimited 1 Gbps bandwidth within Kenya.

Angani also provides monthly VM plans for predictable workloads:

VM SizeMonthly Rate
SmallKES 1,000/month
MediumKES 2,000/month
LargeKES 4,000/month

Reliable Infrastructure

Angani’s virtual machines run on a cloud platform specifically engineered for performance, security, and availability. Key features include:

  • State-of-the-art data centers in Nairobi compliant with Tier 3 standards
  • Redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity
  • High-speed fiber optic links to Internet backbones
  • Enterprise-class network infrastructure with redundancy and resiliency
  • Robust server hardware using Intel Xeon processors
  • All-SSD storage arrays with replication for data protection
  • VMware virtualization stack for efficient resource utilization

You can trust Angani’s infrastructure to keep your VMs running 24/7/365 for uninterrupted business operations.

Expert Support

In addition to a rock-solid infrastructure, Angani provides exceptional support for your virtual machines. Their team is available around-the-clock to help with any issues.

Standard support is included free of charge. For mission-critical workloads, Angani offers premium support options:

  • 15-minute response SLA
  • Designated technical account manager
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring
  • Regular performance reviews

Their experienced cloud support engineers have the skills to troubleshoot VM problems, optimize configurations, and ensure optimal performance.

Get Started Today

With Angani’s enterprise-grade virtual machines, you can deploy servers on-demand and only pay for the resources you need. Scale seamlessly as your computing requirements grow without big upfront investments.

To learn more or start a trial, visit the Angani website.

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